Chapter 1760: “Impossibly Stupid (3)”

    Chapter 1760: "Impossibly Stupid (3)"

    "What....." Zi Jin widened her big eyes slightly, unable to believe what she had just heard.

    [Dug out someone's eyes..... Gu Ying? How could that be possible! ?]

    "You're lying to me! It's impossible! Young Master Gu is so gentle, how could he possibly commit such a awfully gory deed! ? You're obviously finding excuses for yourself!" Zi Jin's entire body was shaking as she rebutted Jun Wu.

    Jun Wu Xie then said: "Am I really lying to you or are you lying to yourself? What kind of a place do you think the Blood Fiend Palace is? Whether it's true or not, you will know when you go back and ask your own Palace Lord." Jun Wu Xie knew very well, that though the Spirit Jade Palace Lord does not step out from the Spirit Jade Palace, but towards everything happening outside, he would naturally have his own channels to know about them, and as to what kind of person Gu Ying was, it was no longer any kind of secret within the Twelve Palaces.

    "It can't be..... You are lying to me! Young Master Gu couldn't possibly....." Zi Jin still wanted to struggle, but Jun Wu Xie had run out of patience to continue listening to her endless gibberish.

    A smack then sounded crisply. Jun Wu Xie's slap had struck Zi Jin right across her face!

    "This slap, is gifted to you as an ally of the Spirit Jade Palace. You are not able to recognize your own identity clearly and colluded with the enemy, completely disregarding my safety and that of the Spirit Jade Palace. Zi Jin, could it be that your brain is so besotted with the youth you admire that it is filled with nothing else? If there comes a day that the Blood Fiend Palace descends upon the Spirit Jade Palace in slaughter, you must remember it clearly that you are the one that brought it all upon them." Jun Wu Xie stood up. Truth to be told, she just could not be bothered to waste her breath on such an imbecile, one who could not see people for who they are, an idiot that was incapable of telling right from wrong, as no matter how much she said, it would not cure her of her stupidity.

    "Tie her up and bring her back to the Spirit Jade Palace. Let the Spirit Jade Palace Lord see for himself clearly just how stupid his disciple is." Jun Wu Xie said to Ye Gu at the side.

    Ye Gu immediately went forward and picked Zi Jin up. At that moment, Zi Jin was feeling in her heart her spirit almost jumping right out of her body from fright by Jun Wu's words.

    "You are just lying to me! Haven't you also chosen Yue Yi! ? Isn't Yue Yi from the Shadow Moon Palace! ? Why is it that you can trust a person from the Twelve Palaces but I cannot choose to believe Gu Ying? Jun Wu! It's clear that you are petty and narrow minded, cruel in your methods, but you are just justifying it all with such grand words! You killed Zhuge Yin! You framed Gu Ying! You and just an indiscriminate murderer! A devil! You claim to be the Spirit Jade Palace's ally, but you used me to set up Young Master Gu! You are just a despicable cad!" Zi Jin still wanted to continue to rant, but Ye Gu was not going to give her the chance. He just gagged up Zi Jin's mouth and tied her up securely, unable to create further ruckus.

    Jun Wu Xie stared at Zi Jin who was acting like a rabid dog, not an ounce of pity in her eyes.

    "Use you?" Jun Wu Xie shook her head. "I have never asked you to go reveal the plan to Gu Ying. And if not for the fact that you harboured ulterior motives, seeking to betray me, how could Gu Ying then possibly fall into the trap? Persistency in unrighteousness would only bring self destruction. Since you are feeling so aggrieved for him, then remember this. The current state that he is now in, is all due to your very own hand."

    Zi Jin felt like she had been struck by a bolt of lightning, completely frozen in spot.

    That's right. If she had not gone running to Gu Ying to tell him all that, why would Gu Ying have gone to find Zhuge Yin? And how would Jun Wu's plot be able to succeed at all?

    Jun Wu Xie had said all that, because it was intended to be the last test for Zi Jin. She had presented two paths right before Zi Jin then, and how she chose was entirely up to her.

    If Zi Jin had not seeked to betray Jun Wu in her heart, then everything after that would not have happened.....
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