Chapter 1761: “Impossibly Stupid (4)”

    Chapter 1761: "Impossibly Stupid (4)"

    To live or to die, brought about by just one single choice Zi Jin made.

    No other words could strike a bigger blow upon Zi Jin. She had completely given up on remaining silent, but pummeled at her head and falling into deep regret.

    Because of Zhuge Yin's death, the conflict between the Dragon Slayers Palace and the Blood Fiend Palace grew more and more intense. The Pure Grace Palace were still unable to make a deciding judgement and though Gu Ying was saved by Gu Xin Yan leading their people to fully protect him, but by her doing that, it had completely angered the Dragon Slayers Palace's disciples, which led to a bout of chaos to erupt within the Pure Grace Palace.

    The disciples of the Dragon Slayers Palace began to incessantly attack people from the Blood Fiend Palace and the people from both sides were locked in constant battle. As the battles raged intensely, it spilled over and implicated youths from the other palaces where some youths who held just average powers were even killed or severely injured when caught within the turmoil.

    Very soon, the Pure Grace Palace had blood flowing like rivers. The Pure Grace Palace Lord was no longer in the mood to celebrate his birthday and he had no choice but to mobilize the Pure Grace Palace's might to apprehend the spread of the calamity.

    The disaster caused the Pure Grace Palace to have no choice but to put a halt to all arrangements planned for the birthday celebration and begin to deal with the desperate situation. The disciples from the various palaces were asked to leave one after another and none of them dared to continue to remain in such a blighted place. Especially the palaces who held less significant might, they couldn't wait to just quickly leave the place.

    And Jun Wu Xie left with her delegation on the third day after the chaos erupted.

    When they were leaving the Pure Grace Palace and Jun Wu Xie was seated in the horse carriage, she happened to see Gu Ying who was surrounded by a group of disciples from Blood Fiend Palace who were rushing to get into their horse carriage as quickly as possible, as the disciples from the Dragon Slayers Palace came running behind them in angry pursuit.

    Jun Wu Xie was looking at Gu Ying outside the window when Gu Ying coincidentally turned to look over at that same moment and their gazes clashed together in the air.

    A smile suddenly rose upon Gu Ying's face, sinister and demonic.

    While Jun Wu Xie merely tugged the corners of her mouth, and retracted her gaze.

    This round, Gu Ying had lost completely.

    Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao sat within the same carriage and similarly in there was Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit who had not been able to snuggle up to Jun Wu Xie for so long. The two adorable beasts had immediately jumped straight into Jun Wu Xie's arms, putting on their most adorable and coquettish looks to seek cuddles from her. The little black cat had instead hidden itself in a far corner, its body curled up into a ball, its eyes still in trauma as it peeked at Jun Wu Yao who sat on one side with a faint smile playing at the corners of his lips.

    [Those two dumb beasts must be tired of living! Can't they see the great demon lord's smile! ? How devilish it looks! He might very well stew the both of you this very night!]

    Yue Yi and Ye Mei sat in the same carriage while Zi Jin was closely watched by both Ye Sha and Ye Gu as the Shadow Moon Palace's carriages slowly rolled away from the gates of the Pure Grace Palace.

    Gu Ying got into his carriage under the protection of his companions. The sounds of battle came in from outside the horse carriage and Gu Xin Yan who was seated in the same car had her brows slightly creased up in a frown as she urged the coachman to quickly move off.

    "Having stirred up such a huge commotion this time, how are you going to explain it to Father when we get back?" Gu Xin Yan still had her brows furrowed together in anxiety. It wasn't that she could not see the disparity in the way Gu Yi treated her and Gu Ying. With the incident this time having become so big, even if she had been the one responsible for it, she would think that she would be punished, much less the one being implicated into it now is Gu Ying?

    At that moment, what worried Gu Xin Yan the most was what Gu Ying would have to face when they got back.

    But Gu Ying did not seem to be the least bothered by it. He sat there by the window with his chin resting on the windowsill, as he stared at the carriages carrying the banners of the Shadow Moon Palace as they gradually grew distant in his sight, as the corners of his mouth curled up into a deep unfathomable smile.

    "What is there to explain? Whether he wants me killed or skinned is up to Father's wishes."
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