Chapter 1762: “Sinners Must Not Live (1)”

    Chapter 1762: "Sinners Must Not Live (1)"

    After Jun Wu Xie departed from the Pure Grace Palace's boundary of power, she did not immediately make their way towards the Shadow Moon Palace, but had instead stopped the convoy midway and stationed Yue Yi safely within the forest with Ye Mei remaining behind to keep a lookout for him, while she went on ahead with Jun Wu Yao and the others towards Mount Fu Yao, bringing Zi Jin together with them.

    In the Spirit Jade Palace, the Spirit Jade Palace Lord was lying lazily upon his soft lounge and sipping at fine wine as his disciples played melodious music, enjoying himself immensely.

    Suddenly, the Spirit Jade Palace's main door was opened up by someone and the Spirit Jade Palace Lord sat up in his comfy lounge, his eyes lifting up slightly to look to the front of the main hall.

    Several figures slowly appeared before his eyes.

    "Young Master Jun, what do you mean by this?" After the Spirit Jade Palace clearly saw the identity of the person coming in, his brows immediately creased together and the laziness in his eyes disappeared without a trace, to be replaced with a sharp and incisive glint.

    He saw his own disciple Zi Jin, being held by a man standing behind Jun Wu, the ropes tied around Zi Jin's bodies highly stinging to his eyes. Her face was pale, her breath weak, obviously having sustained rather heavy injuries.

    That scene, was one that the Spirit Jade Palace Lord would never have imagined even in his dreams.

    Although he had outwardly shown great disdain towards the things Jun Wu had done before, deep in his heart he had actually greatly admired this quick witted youth, which was the reason why he had grudgingly consented to letting Jun Wu remain in the Spirit Jade Palace. Although his face had purposely shown displeasure, his heart had already accepted Jun Wu as one of their own, but the Spirit Jade Palace Lord had never expected that letting Jun Wu bring Zi Jin to the Pure Grace Palace would result in a reverse in the situation upon their return!

    "I wonder what wrong Zi Jin could have commited that calls for Young Master Jun treat her in such a manner?" Although the Spirit Jade Palace Lord's face revealed discontent, but based on what his understanding of Jun Wu, he would not treat Zi Jin like that for no good reason.

    With that question from the Spirit Jade Palace Lord, it greatly pleased Jun Wu Xie. She had initially thought that if the Spirit Jade Palace Lord was going to unilaterally decide to argue with her without even distinguishing right from wrong, then whether the alliance between them should continue on forward, would have to be carefully reconsidered.

    Fortunately, the Spirit Jade Palace Lord was not dumb.

    Jun Wu Xie gestured by lifting her chin slightly and Ye Sha immediately pushed Zi Jin down to the floor before the Spirit Jade Palace Lord.

    The bunch of Spirit Jade Palace disciples who were seated in the main hall when made to see their own senior fellow disciple being treated in such a manner, immediately caused rage to show upon their faces, every single pair of their eyes looking at Jun Wu turning unfriendly.

    "Why have you tied up Senior Zi Jin! ?"

    "This is too much! Release Senior Zi Jin now!" A bunch of young girls started screaming at Ye Sha in a noisy clamour, demanding that he release their senior.

    Ye Sha did not even grace them with a single glance out from the corner of his eyes but just stared at Zi Jin with a cold expression on his face who was kneeling before the Spirit Jade Palace Lord.

    "All of you keep quiet! The Palace Lord is present, this is no place for any of you to be making such a din! Where are all your manners! ?" The stalwart Granny Yue slammed the staff she held in her hand onto the floor, her deep voice immediately overpowering the screaming shrieks of the young ones.

    In an instant, the disciples of the Spirit Jade Palace no longer dared to open their mouths, but the gazes they looked at Jun Wu with were highly repulsive.

    "As to what happened, I believe that it would be more appropriate for the Palace Lord to ask her yourself." Jun Wu Xie replied, standing with her hands behind her back, as she nodded her head at Ye Sha.

    Ye Sha then freed Zi Jin from her bonds, and then released her mute acupoint.

    Regaining her freedom all of a sudden, Zi Jin felt weak for a moment and she fell down to the ground. The wretched state that she was in, made the hearts of her fellow Spirit Jade Palace disciples at the side wince in pain.
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