Chapter 1763: “Sinners Must Not Live (2)”

    Chapter 1763: "Sinners Must Not Live (2)"

    "My Lord....." Zi Jin raised up her head weakly, her eyes brimming with tears as she looked at the Spirit Jade Palace Lord.

    The Spirit Jade Palace Lord was also feeling mighty stuffy in his chest as Zi Jin was afterall a disciple he had brought up personally and it was not easy for him to see her like this.

    "Zi Jin, what exactly happened to all of you on this trip? Why would Young Master Jun do this to you?" The Spirit Jade Palace Lord opened his mouth to ask.

    Zi Jin's lips stiffened.

    The group of young girls at the side became anxious.

    "Junior Zi Jin, whatever kind of grievance you've suffered, tell it to our Lord quickly! Our Lord will definitely seek redress for you!"

    "Senior Zi Jin, you do not need to fear! You're already home, and we will all protect you. Just tell everything. If anyone has bullied you, our Lord will surely make them pay the price!" The group of girls said indignantly one after another. If not for Granny Yue standing at the side and holding them down, they would all already have been unable to help themselves and rushed forward to help Zi Jin up.

    "My Lord....." Upon hearing those familiar voices and seeing once again the very place she had grown up in, Zi Jin could not help but feel her heart wrenching up, hot tears immediately flowing down her cheeks.

    Seeing Zi Jin reacting like that, some of the young girls quickly became similarly covered with tears, the palace hall immediately filling up with the sounds of sobbing.

    However, Jun Wu Xie eyed the entire farce with a cold gaze, the corners of her mouth curled up with a sneer.

    "My Lord, when I went with Young Master Jun to the Pure Grace Palace, it was initially going fine, but..... My Lord! Young Master Jun is a vicious and merciless person, and is really unsuited candidate for us to be allied with! He is highly unscrupulous in order for him to achieve his goals, even to the extent of implicating completely innocent people into it. He kills people wantonly..... and is not a good person at all. I beg for my Lord to be the judge!" Zi Jin wailed, like she had suffered a grave injustice.

    The palace hall was immediately filled with voices raised in debate.

    The disciples of the Spirit Jade Palace were not on familiar terms with Jun Wu although Jun Wu had stayed in the Spirit Jade Palace for a period, they had not interacted with the youth much. Compared to Jun Wu, the words of Zi Jin, a fellow disciple they had all grown up together with would carry much more weight.

    "What do you mean?" The Spirit Jade Palace Lord calmed himself down to continue to ask.

    Zi Jin then said: "In order to incite chaos among three palaces, he thought nothing of killing people, and even pushed the blame for it onto a completely innocent person!"

    "Who did he kill?" The Spirit Jade Palace Lord took a deep breath, bugged by a nagging feeling that something did not feel right.

    Zi Jin opened her mouth and then seemingly realizing something, she clamped her mouth shut.

    But at that moment, Jun Wu Xie turned her gaze onto the figure of the silent Zi Jin and then slowly said: "What? Not going to cry and complain anymore? Or do you need me to say it for you?"

    "Jun Wu! What do you mean by that! ? Zi Jin is a member of our Spirit Jade Palace, and this is the Spirit Jade Palace where your impudence will not be overlooked!" A young girl who was on close terms with Zi Jin shouted out from the side.

    "Silence!" The Spirit Jade Palace Lord roared in admonishment, before he lifted his head to look towards Jun Wu.

    "Young Master Jun, the reason behind all this, would you please explain in detail? If Zi Jin had indeed committed a wrong, I will naturally deal with it."

    Jun Wu Xie arched up an eyebrow and said: "Everything she said is the truth."

    The Spirit Jade Palace Lord was suddenly stunned. [The kid has actually admitted to it all so cleanly and easily like this? This isn't his style of doing things!]

    "I killed someone, that person's name is Zhuge Yin, and he is the Dragon Slayers Palace's Young Lord." Jun Wu Xie said indifferently.

    With a loud thump, the Spirit Jade Palace Lord's jaw dropped to the ground.

    [Zhuge Yin.....]

    [Isn't that the only son of the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord?]

    [Jun Wu had actually..... killed him?]

    [This kid's abilities are just too heaven defying! ! ! !]
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