Chapter 1764: “Sinners Must Not Live (3)”

    Chapter 1764: "Sinners Must Not Live (3)"

    Chapter 1764: "Sinners Must Not Live (3)"

    As to who Zhuge Yin was, it was afraid that no one within the Spirit Jade Palace was unaware of. The bunch of noisy girls immediately shut their mouths.


    Jun Wu might have indeed killed someone.

    But the person he killed was someone who was an enemy whom cannot coexist under the same sky with the Spirit Jade Palace!

    They could still remember sorrowfully, when one of their Spirit Jade Palace disciples had similarly gone outside but had never returned ever since. It was only half a year later when the people the Spirit Jade Palace had sent out to investigate finally discovered that that disciple had coincidentally encountered Zhuge Yin while she was outside and because of her beauty, it had drawn the eyes of Zhuge Yin, who began to harbour ulterior motives against her. That disciple had resisted to the death who finally jumped into the lake to end her own life.....

    That incident had once boiled to a fervour within the Spirit Jade Palace and many of the disciples hated Zhuge Yin to the bone, detesting the fact that the Spirit Jade Palace had fallen into such dire straits, and were unable to seek redress for the blood debt owed to their senior!

    Now that Jun Wu had killed Zhuge Yin, not only was there absolutely no wrong done in their eyes, he had even exacted deep blood vengeance on their behalf.

    That one point, caused all of them to be unable to say a single word against Jun Wu's actions.

    "I killed him, and then pinned the crime upon the head of Gu Ying, the Blood Fiend Palace's Young Lord." Jun Wu Xie said indifferently.

    The Spirit Jade Palace Lord immediately gasped in surprise!

    [Heavens be damned!]

    [From where had this kid sprouted out from! ?]

    [In one stroke of genius, he had actually schemed against the Young Lords of two major palaces in one fell swoop. Is this fella even human?]

    Hearing Gu Ying's name, Zi Jin immediately could not hold herself back. She raised her head up on a fluster and stared at the Spirit Jade Palace Lord to say anxiously: "My Lord! Young Master Gu is a good person! He is completely different from the other evil people in the Twelve Palaces. He is kind and gentle, an highly righteous character, definitely not....."

    Zi Jin had not even finished with her sentence when the gaze the Spirit Jade Palace Lord was looking at Zi Jin with turned sharp and incisive, immediately causing Zi Jin to be unable to finish the words behind.

    "Zi Jin, what are you saying?" The Spirit Jade Palace Lord asked as he stared at the highly emotional Zi Jin through narrowed eyes. He was not a moron. Seeing Zi Jin so quick to jump to someone's defence, he detected something strange. And what he found more terrifying, was the fact that the very Gu Ying Zi Jing was defending so adamantly..... was actually.....

    "My Lord....." Zi Jin began as she looked at the Spirit Jade Palace Lord rather nervously.

    "You say that Gu Ying is a good person? Of righteous character?" The Spirit Jade Palace Lord asked as he drew in a deep breath, suppressing the urge to smack the life out of Zi Jin with a single slap of his palm.

    At that moment, the other Spirit Jade Palace disciples were also looking at Zi Jin with shock in their eyes.

    "Do you know how Ming Xin whom you grew up with actually died! ?" All of a sudden, the Spirit Jade Palace Lord's voice had turned so cold it made one shiver to hear him.

    Zi Jin was slightly taken aback, as an image of a pretty and soft spoken girl appeared in her mind.

    Ming Xin was two years older than Zi Jin and she had led Zi Jin to practice cultivation together with her since they were very young. Although the two of them did not share any blood ties, but Zi Jin had always seen Ming Xin, who had been so protective of her in so many ways, as her real elder sister.

    Ming Xin was very kind, and strong spirited, seen as one of the leading disciples among the younger generation of the Spirit Jade Palace. She had grown up unable to bear to see the Spirit Jade Palace continue with its decline and had wanted to hide her identity to infiltrate herself into the other palaces. She had then hidden her identity and went to take part in a Battle of Deities Grand Meet in the earlier years, where she had been fortunate enough to be picked by one of the palaces, gaining entry into the Cloudy Brook Academy.

    But after Ming Xin entered the Cloudy Brook Academy, Zi Jin had then not heard any news about Ming Xin ever since.

    The Spirit Jade Palace Lord's question now, immediately caused Zi Jin's heart to quake in shock!

    "I could not bear to tell you this before I was afraid you would be sad. But since you are showing me you are completely unable to tell right from wrong, then I'll tell it to you now! Your Senior Ming Xin, had her eyes dug out by people! She died under the hands of the Blood Fiend Palace's Young Lord, Gu Ying, the one and same person you are now heaping such high praise upon!" The Spirit Jade Palace Lord roared out, in an insuppressible rage!
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