Chapter 1765: “Sinners Must Not Live (4)”

    Chapter 1765: "Sinners Must Not Live (4)"

    " It's impossible..... Impossible..... My Lord, you are lying to me aren't you? Senior Ming Xin..... How could she possibly have been murdered by Young Master Gu..... That's not possible..... It can't be true..... It's not true....." Zi Jin was acting like she had lost her soul as she knelt there shaking her head, teardrops the size of a bean falling incessantly from her eyes.

    She did not want to believe that Ming Xin who had been like a sister to her had really been killed by Gu Ying.....

    The Spirit Jade Palace Lord looked highly pained as he looked at Zi Jin, and then hung his head low as while raising a finger up towards the silent and speechless Spirit Jade Palace disciples at the side.

    "You girls here can tell her..... how Ming Xin had actually died!"

    In a blink, the young girls from the Spirit Jade Palace had all fallen to their knees in a row, their faces all unwilling, as they covered their faces to sob softly.

    Their reactions only caused Zi Jin to become even more flustered. She raised up her teary eyes to look at the sisters who were usually filled with smiles and laughter.

    "How did Ming Xin die..... How..... did she really die?" Her voice was shaking with a tremble, deeply afraid that the answer she would hear would drive her into despair.

    "Zi Jin..... What our Lord..... Our Lord speaks the truth..... Ming Xin she..... was killed by Gu Ying. When we found her body, her eyes....." The young lady who spoke up could not make herself continue.

    Ming Xin's death was not any secret in the Spirit Jade Palace. The only person they hid that from, was only Zi Jin who was as close to Ming Xin like a real sister.

    Zi Jin fell forlornly to the floor, her eyes immediately turning bloodshot, her tears dripping onto the ground just before her, wetting it. Upon the bright clear floor, Zi Jin saw her own reflection, looking wretched, so worn and haggard, so stupid.....

    She suddenly recalled the words Jun Wu had said before.

    When Gu Ying was in the Cloudy Brook Academy, just because he had thought that a young girl had a beautiful pair of eyes, he had reached out to dig the girl's eyes out. She had thought that Jun Wu was merely trying to find an excuse to justify his own actions and was just intentionally smearing Gu Ying's name. But now, she finally realized it.

    That all of this was completely true!

    Jun Wu's words might possibly be untrue, but her Lord, and her fellow sister disciples, would never lie to her regarding Ming Xin's death.

    At that moment, the faith and naivety Zi Jin had always held on to came crumbling down in that instant. She lay in a heap upon the floor to sob mournfully unbridled, overcome with remorse at her own stupidity and ignorance.

    When the Spirit Jade Palace Lord saw Zi Jin in such a state, his heart winced painfully. He endured through the sorrow he was feeling and raised up his head, to look at Jun Wu, his handsome featured face looking a little tired and exhausted.

    "Young Master Jun, you have done no wrong. You have held up your end of the bargain. You are indeed the most intelligent youth I have ever met" The Spirit Jade Palace Lord said highly sincerely. He had thought that Jun Wu was only going to the Pure Grace Palace to see if he would be able to find a chance, never had he expected that the youth would be able to keep to his word, to stir up the Twelve Palaces into a swirling mess.

    Just by hearing the complaint that Zi Jin had raised earlier, the Spirit Jade Palace Lord could already guess at the kind of turmoil that had erupted within the Pure Grace Palace.

    With the Blood Fiend Palace's Young Lord have murdered the Dragon Slayers Palace's Young Lord, and having the entire incident happen during the celebrations of the Pure Grace Palace Lord's birthday. It could very well be imagined whether it was the Blood Fiend Palace as the culprit, or the Dragon Slayers Palace as the victim, and even the Pure Grace Palace who hosted the event, they had all been driven into an irreconcilable mess by Jun Wu in one single stroke.

    Zhuge Yin's death shall forever be a never ending grudge between the three palaces and only upon death would they ever rest!

    The Dragon Slayers Palace would henceforth not let the Blood Fiend Palace have any peace and the two palaces that could have allied together had now turned mortal enemies.

    And who could have ever imagined that this was all stirred up by Jun Wu's hand alone?

    The Spirit Jade Palace Lord could not be any more convinced and he had to completely take his hat off to Jun Wu.
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