Chapter 1766: “Sinners Must Not Live (5)”

    Chapter 1766: "Sinners Must Not Live (5)"

    And who could have ever imagined that this was all stirred up by Jun Wu's hand alone?

    The Spirit Jade Palace Lord could not be any more convinced and he had to completely take his hat off to Jun Wu.

    Jun Wu Xie did not show any sign of joy as the Spirit Jade Palace Lord's praise did not make her feel that there was anything to be happy about, but instead.....

    "Since we're allies, then let me gift another sentence to you today." Jun Wu Xie said.

    "Please speak." The Spirit Jade Palace Lord replied.

    "Be careful of the Blood Fiend Palace. Gu Ying already knows that Zi Jin is from the Spirit Jade Palace." Jun Wu Xie threw that one statement highly indifferently, not willing to remain in the Spirit Jade Palace another moment. The Spirit Jade Palace Lord was very intelligent and was able to grasp the situation. He had not mentioned a thing about Zi Jin's punishment and Jun Wu Xie could sense he could not bear to do it.

    Although furious, but Zi Jin was still a child he had personally brought up. So how could he bear to punish her strictly?

    Jun Wu Xie understood and was not thinking to go as far as seeking Zi Jin's death.


    Since the Spirit Jade Palace Lord wanted to protect Zi Jin, then for all the things that Zi Jin had done, the consequences would naturally have to be shouldered by the Spirit Jade Palace.

    The Spirit Jade Palace Lord was completely shocked by Jun Wu's sudden revelation. He stared incredulously at Zi Jin who was sprawled on the floor and weeping mournfully, his eyes immediately flashing with a chilling glint of rage!

    The fact that the Spirit Jade Palace could enjoy their peace till now was because they had always laid themselves low. But he had never once thought that having Zi Jin make one trip to the Pure Grace Palace would actually make her expose her identity and origins directly to Gu Ying!

    He just did not dare to imagine, with the kind of trust Zi Jin had in Gu Ying at that time, would she have revealed even more of the Spirit Jade Palace's secrets to him.

    If the Blood Fiend Palace came to know where the Spirit Jade Palace was.....

    Then the doom of the Spirit Jade Palace would be arriving soon!

    The other disciples of the Spirit Jade Palace had all turned to stone from that piece of news. They all stared incredulously at Zi Jin, not one of them daring to believe for a moment that Zi Jin would really commit such a stupid mistake!

    "Zi Jin..... You..... you really told Gu Ying..... that you are a disciple of the Spirit Jade Palace?" The Spirit Jade Palace Lord could not help himself as his voice shook.

    Zi Jin lifted up her head fearfully, choking on her sobs as she nodded her head.

    The Spirit Jade Palace Lord sank into his soft lounge limply as the strength in his body seemed to be sucked out of him.

    "Did you..... Did you tell him, where the Spirit Jade Palace is at?"

    Zi Jin looked at the Spirit Jade Palace Lord's face which had turned pale and pallid, and then looked around at the surrounding fellow sister disciples looking at her with highly fearful eyes. Endless remorse and bitter regret that encompassed the sky filled up every nook in her heart. She forcibly pushed herself up, to stand on her feet.

    "My Lord..... I did not..... I did not tell him that....."

    The Spirit Jade Palace Lord let out a slight sigh of relief.

    "My Lord, Zi Jin realizes her mistake..... I've been stupid..... ignorant..... and I mistakenly trusted an evil person....." Zi Jin drew in a deep breath, and turned her head to look towards Jun Wu who had already reached the Spirit Jade Palace's door. She looked at that small petite figure, and the feelings of disdain and rejection against the figure in her heart disappeared without leaving a single trace in that instant.

    She seemed to have returned back to that day, when she had been surrounded and attacked on the summit of Mount Fu Yao. That same figure had descended down from the heavens, to rescue her from her desperate predicament.

    She did not know herself just what had happened to her in the Pure Grace Palace, why she had so inconceivably doubted her own benefactor..... Why, she had chosen to rather believe in Ming Xin's murderer, than to trust Jun Wu, choosing not to believe in her benefactor.....

    "Young Master Jun!" Zi Jin summoned up every ounce of strength she could in her to shout towards Jun Wu's back.

    Jun Wu Xie's steps paused just briefly, but did not turn around.
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