Chapter 1767: “Shadow Moon Palace (1)”

    Chapter 1767: "Shadow Moon Palace (1)"

    "I was wrong.... I am sorry....." Zi Jin's hot tears rolled down her cheeks, and in an instant before anyone had time to even react, she suddenly ran headlong to crash into a stone pillar in the Spirit Jade Palace's main hall!

    Bright red blood stained the rock hard pillar, to spill upon the clear floor.....

    "Zi Jin!"

    Jun Wu Xie lowered her eyes in silence, looking straight into the path ahead as she continued forward, not turning her head back, and neither did she take a single glimpse of the blood behind her.


    Stepping out from the Spirit Jade Palace, Jun Wu Xie looked up at the bright sun in the sky, as she lifted her foot to depart.

    Time did not stop, and Jun Wu Xie's steps would not stop as well.

    At the rendezvous point, Jun Wu Xie met up with Yue Yi once again. Yue Yi saw that Zi Jin was no longer with Jun Wu and her group but he did not ask about it.

    "You intend to go back with me to the Shadow Moon Palace?" Yue Yi asked as he looked at Jun Wu. According to what Jun Wu had mentioned before about his plans, when he came back from the Spirit Jade Palace, Jun Wu would be going to the Shadow Moon Palace together with him.

    But, Yue Yi was instead looking at Jun Wu rather worriedly.

    Returning to the Shadow Moon Palace would not be the same as going to the Pure Grace Palace. People at the Pure Grace Palace did not know what the disciples of the Shadow Moon Palace looked like but it was impossible for the Shadow Moon Palace to not know it.

    "But with your looks....." Yue Yi was a little worried.

    Jun Wu Xie replied: "I will deal with that myself."

    Upon saying that, Jun Wu Xie went ahead to climb up into the horse carriage, while Yue Yi and the others could only wait outside. After a while, Jun Wu Xie came walking out from the carriage, with her looks completely changed. The originally unremarkable looking youth, had changed to become attractive and handsome looking, and within that handsomeness, there was a tinge of gentle femininity.

    Yue Yi's eyes suddenly widened. The way Jun Wu Xie looked, didn't he look exactly like that very disciple of the Shadow Moon Palace who had been killed at the front of the horse carriage before?


    "What is this guy's name?" Although Jun Wu Xie was unable to do it like Hua Yao, who was able to completely duplicate a person's body and looks, and while she was also unable to change the shape and size of her bones, she had other ways of disguising herself.

    She had noticed that the youth that had been killed before was rather similar to her in size, so she had only needed to carry out some alteration on her looks, and to slip herself into the Shadow Moon Palace's uniform, before she could pass herself off as the real thing.

    Yue Yi gulped as he studied the way the way Jun Wu looked. After awhile, he then answered: "He is called Chang Huan."

    Chang Huan is just a regular disciple in the Shadow Moon Palace who merely possessed highly average powers. He would not stand out at all if you threw him among a bunch of disciples but for some unknown reason, Chang Huan was rather highly valued by Elder Ying from the Shadow Moon Palace. The reason that Chang Huan had come to join the team going to the birthday celebrations had also been arranged by Elder Ying as well.

    "Is there anyone he is close to in the Shadow Moon Palace?" Although Jun Wu Xie's disguise was exquisitely done, but she was still unable to replicate every single minute detail. Her looks might be able to fool some people, but it would not be able to withstand the scrutiny of people Chang Huan was very close to.

    Yue Yi shook his head. "Chang Huan..... does not have anyone especially close to him in the Shadow Moon Palace. He has a rather strange personality and did not seem to be really all that likeable to other people."

    But compared to Yue Yi himself, Chang Huan was slightly better, but not by all that much.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded. If that was the case, then she would not have to worry about anyone seeing through her disguise.

    After ascertaining that there was no problem with her disguise, Jun Wu Xie immediately climbed back into the horse carriage, only this time, Jun Wu Xie took the same carriage as Yue Yi, while Jun Wu Yao took another carriage with Ye Sha and the others.

    When they were getting into the horse carriage, Ye Sha saw the expression on Jun Wu Yao's face, and he could not help but lit a candle for Yue Yi in his heart.

    As the carriages sped along on their way, Jun Wu Xie asked Yue Yi about things within the Shadow Moon Palace. In order to avoid giving herself away, she needed to understand as much as possible about the Shadow Moon Palace during this return leg of the journey.
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