Chapter 1768: “Shadow Moon Palace (2)”

    Chapter 1768: "Shadow Moon Palace (2)"

    As the carriages sped along on their way, Jun Wu Xie asked Yue Yi about things within the Shadow Moon Palace. In order to avoid giving herself away, she needed to understand as much as possible about the Shadow Moon Palace during this return leg of the journey.

    The might of the Shadow Moon Palace hangs among the bottom rungs of the Twelve Palaces, in a highly similar state to the Pure Grace Palace. Among the Shadow Moon Palace's Elders, the one most highly valued by the Palace Lord was Elder Yue, immediately followed by Elder Ying.

    The length of time that Elder Ying had been in the Shadow Moon Palace was not as long Elder Yue but if one was just talking about powers they commanded behind them, Elder Ying was ahead by a notch.....

    In the Middle Realm, besides the main powers that reigned over large territories, there were also quite a number of long established family clans. Those family clans had existed from a long time ago and through the accumulation over many years, the kind of might that these family clans had shored up were also not to be underestimated.

    Elder Ying had come from one of such family clans, a highly ancient one. That family clan had once enjoyed immense glory and lived in resplendence, but through the shifting sands of time, they had dwindled greatly in numbers and gradually fallen into decline. Elder Ying was the only heir of the current generation and in his hands, he held many of the treasures accumulated by the family over the years, and that was why he was highly valued by the Shadow Moon Palace Lord.

    But the relationship between Elder Ying and Elder Yue was a little peculiar.

    Although the two men had never had any dispute, but Yue Yi had heard Elder Yue say some bad things about Elder Ying before.

    "If you are thinking to destroy the Shadow Moon Palace, maybe you can strike from here, between Elder Yue and Elder Ying." Yue Yi said in suggestion. Elder Ying had not been feeling all that well over the recent period and his children were still very young, with most of the responsibilities for Shadow Moon Palace's affairs split two ways and shouldered by the two Elders.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded her head slightly, calculating in her heart how she was going to play her hand in the upcoming round at the Shadow Moon Palace.

    In fact, being diverted to come to the Shadow Moon Palace immediately after the Pure Grace Palace was something out of Jun Wu Xie's calculations. If not for the fact that she had encountered Yue Yi midway, her plan would not be like this. But Yue Yi's bitter experience had made her want to bring forward her plan to deal with the Shadow Moon Palace earlier.

    As they were about to reach the Shadow Moon Palace, Jun Wu Xie handed Yue Yi an elixir. Yue Yi immediately swallowed it without the slightest hesitation, not even asking a single word about it.

    "You're not afraid that I'll poison you?" Jun Wu Xie asked with her eyebrow arched, thinking Yue Yi completely did not guard against her at all.

    Yue Yi stared honestly at Jun Wu and said: "My life is already yours to have and even if you hand me poison, I will swallow it."

    Jun Wu Xie stared back at Yue Yi and was silent a moment before she said: "This would make your injuries seemed more severe than they actually are."

    Yue Yi nodded his head, his heart roughly able to comprehend the reason that Jun Wu was doing that.

    There were quite a number of people from the Shadow Moon Palace who left to go to the Pure Grace Palace but in the end, only he and Jun Wu who was impersonating Chang Huan were coming back. This would be strange no matter which way people looked at it. But because of the turmoil within the Pure Grace Palace, they were able to peg the disappearance of the rest of the disciples onto the chaos that erupted in there.

    It must be said, that Jun Wu's highly meticulous thinking, really considered all angles well, without leaving anything out.

    Very soon, Jun Wu Xie and the entire group entered into the territories controlled by the Shadow Moon Palace. As Jun Wu Xie could not find any one that Jun Wu Yao and his men could disguise themselves as, and she the fact that she did not think that Jun Wu Yao would be happy disguising himself as a disciple, she quickly decided to let them roam as they wished. Atfterall, with the kind of powers they possessed, where in Shadow Moon Palace would they not be able to come and go as they pleased?

    A single lone horse carriage came to a stop right before the main doors of the Shadow Moon Palace and the two guards standing before the gates immediately went forward to check on the passengers inside.
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