Chapter 1769: “Shadow Moon Palace (3)”

    Chapter 1769: "Shadow Moon Palace (3)"

    After they ascertained that there was nothing wrong, they immediately let the carriage past.

    Having gotten to know that the team sent out for the birthday celebrations had come back, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord and the various Elders came out to the palace hall. But when they saw Yue Yi and Jun Wu Xie standing there in the hall, the expressions on their faces became a little strange.

    For this trip to the Pure Grace Palace to deliver their well wishes, the Shadow Moon Palace had sent out quite a number of people, and they had never ever thought that when they returned, there would only be two people and they had even come back a few days earlier than expected.

    "Yue Yi, just what exactly is going on here?" An elderly man with a white streaked beard standing just at the bottom right of the Palace Lord asked, his brows creased together as he stared at the pale faced Yue Yi.

    Yue Yi was kneeling on the ground with one knee, his eyes lowered as he said: "Reporting to my Lord, there was an accident at the Pure Grace Palace that caused the birthday celebrations to be abruptly halted. Moreover, in the midst of all that chaos, a large number of disciples were hurt and now, only me and Chang Huan managed to come back safely."

    "An accident at the Pure Grace Palace? What kind of an accident?" The faces of the various Elders in the palace hall looked up in surprise.

    [How did a birthday celebration turn into such a disaster?]

    [Not only had the birthday banquet been prematurely ended, but even their Shadow Moon Palace disciples had been implicated?]

    The circumstances before their eyes made everyone's heart fill with doubt.

    Yue Yi had no choice but to tell everyone in the Shadow Moon Palace everything that happened in the Pure Grace Palace.

    And listening to him, the expressions on every one of their faces twisted up in shock.

    "The Blood Fiend Palace's Young Lord really killed Zhuge Yin?" Elder Yue questioned with his brows furrowed together. This incident could be considered to be one that would create an extremely big stir among the Twelve Palaces. The Blood Fiend Palace and the Dragon Slayers Palace were both rather mighty powers and it was previously rumoured that the two palaces could possibly work together. But no one could ever have thought that after just one birthday celebration at the Pure Grace Palace, things would take sure a shocking turn.

    "Based on what you say, the  disciples of the Blood Fiend Palace and the Dragon Slayers Palace got into a huge brawl which implicated many of our disciples?" Another elderly man asked with a frown as he stared at Yue Yi.

    "Yes." Yue Yi nodded.

    That elderly man then turned to look at Jun Wu Xie at the side.

    "Chang Huan, you tell us."

    Jun Wu Xie immediately realized that this elderly man could very possibly be Elder Ying that Yue Yi had told her about.

    "What Senior Yue Yi has said is all true. The situation at that time was highly chaotic and the Pure Grace Palace was unable to control the situation. That was why they asked everyone from the various palaces to leave early." Jun Wu Xie replied to Elder Ying without missing a beat.

    There was still some doubt in Elder Ying's heart but Elder Yue at the side had already opened his mouth. "In a case of conflict between the Blood Fiend Palace and the Dragon Slayers Palace, that is a matter that should not involve us. And since the incident happened within the territories of the Pure Grace Palace, by all reason, the Pure Grace Palace needs to answer to all the individual palaces. Why had the disciples we sent there to deliver birthday wishes suddenly lost their lives in their palace for no good reason? I can see that Yue Yi has done everything he could as he still carries injuries upon his body. Having just undergone so many trials, can I ask for my Lord to allow him to leave to get himself treated?"

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord who was seated in the palace hall nodded his head. He looked at Jun Wu Xie and Yue Yi and then said: "Alright, the palace will handle the matter from here on. The two of you can go rest first."

    Jun Wu Xie and Yue Yi nodded their head and then left the palace hall.

    Yue Yi led Jun Wu Xie to come to the room that belonged to Chang Huan. They encountered quite a number of the Shadow Moon Palace's disciples along the way. Those disciples were initially laughing as they walked together but upon seeing Yue Yi and Chang Huan, the smiles on their faces faded quite a bit, almost seemingly avoiding as they gave way to them.

    Yue Yi and "Chang Huan" were not that close so after leading Jun Wu Xie to Chang Huan's room, Yue Yi immediately left.
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