Chapter 1770: “Yue Ye (1)”

    Chapter 1770: "Yue Ye (1)"

    Inside the room, Jun Wu Xie quickly scanned her eyes through Chang Huan's room. It was very clean and well kept. She sat down at the table and the little black cat silently landed onto the table.

    "I can feel the great demon lord just nearby." The little black cat said as it wiggled the tip of its nose. Jun Wu Yao and the others were "abandoned" by Jun Wu Xie and were not allowed to come into the Shadow Moon Palace together with them. But this place could very well be the same as Jun Wu Yao's garden at his house and though one could not see where Jun Wu Yao was, the little black cat was however dead certain that Jun Wu Yao was not far away from here.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded her head, but her mind was on something else.

    Before coming here to the Shadow Moon Palace, Yue Yi had once said that the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's health was not well. Jun Wu Xie had when in the palace hall earlier, secretly observed the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's condition. The Shadow Moon Palace Lord was not considered to be too old and compared to many of the Elders there, he could even be considered to be rather young. But the pallor of his face had been highly pale with his lips slightly covered in built up filth, his eye bags were darkened, and his gaze hollow. His situation seemed to display symptoms of deficiencies in his blood's Qi, and signs of anemia, looking rather unwell.

    But Jun Wu Xie had detected something else out of place. Based on experience, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's situation wasn't just suffering from deficiencies, but more like..... a case of poisoning.

    "This is getting to be rather interesting. A poisoned Palace Lord, and two secretly warring Elders who appear peaceful on the surface..... There's quite a great game going on in this Shadow Moon Palace here....." Jun Wu Xie commented as she rubbed at her chin. Things in the Shadow Moon Palace might not be as simple as how Yue Yi had told her. What Yue Yi knew would merely be the things that Elder Yue had told him about. If it was not mentioned by Elder Yue before, Yue Yi might very well be unaware of it.

    As Jun Wu Xie was considering the different elements hidden under the surface in the Shadow Moon Palace, Yue Yi had already come back to his room. Looking at the highly familiar room once again, Yue Yi's face however did not relax in the slightest. He stood in his room and did not sit down. After waiting for awhile, he heard the sound of someone knocking on the door outside.

    Walking over to open the door, a Shadow Moon Palace disciple stood outside.

    "Senior Yue Yi, Elder Yue asks for you to go see him."

    Yue Yi nodded, already very much used to this. Without even being able to rest a moment, he went rushing over to Elder Yue's room.

    Standing outside Elder Yue's room, Yue Yi's hands could not stop the palms of his hands from sweating. Just what kind of a nightmare hid behind that panel of door that stood closed would only be known by him alone.

    "Little Ye is so obedient." Elder Yue's deep voice then rang out from behind the door.

    "Grandfather, is this comfortable for you?" The still slightly young tender voice of a little girl sounded suddenly, and upon hearing that voice, a chill shot through Yue Yi's entire body!

    Yue Yi immediately pushed open the door, to see a little girl with two buns tied in her hair, sitting atop a low stool as she massaged the leg of Elder Yue who was seated upon a chair.

    Seeing that scene before him, the heart that had been lodged in Yue Yi's heart then quickly settled back in place.

    "Big Brother!" Upon seeing Yue Yi appear, the pretty little face immediately lit up with a highly sweet smile. With happy and delighted steps, she ran to Yue Yi's side, to leap right into Yue Yi's embrace.

    "Big Brother, you're back at last! Little Ye missed you so much." Yue Ye said as she raised her head up, blinking her large innocent pair of eyes at Yue Yi.

    Yue Ye's looks was very much alike to Yue Yi's, but just without the handsome radiance of a strapping young youth, and with an added bright innocence of a little girl instead. When that little figure threw herself into Yue Yi's arms, Yue Yi immediately felt like he held the whole world in his arms.
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