Chapter 1771: “Yue Ye (2)”

    Chapter 1771: "Yue Ye (2)"

    "Mm. I'm back." Yue Yi lowered his head to say, his gaze highly gentle as he looked at his little sister. The little girl before his eyes was in the only thing that bound up his whole life and the only kin tied in blood to him in the entire world.

    Yue Ye smilingly wrapped her arms around Yue Yi's waist as Yue Yi raised his head up, his eyes coming to meet Elder Yue's gaze. That pair of eyes immediately caused the blood in Yue Yi's body to turn to ice.

    Elder Yue had done it on purpose.....

    Yue Yi silently drew in a deep breath, pushing down the rage in his heart.

    "Your elder brother sustained injuries this time round and he needs to get some proper rest to nurse himself. Little Ye, you must not go disturb your elder brother if there's nothing important alright? If you are bored, you can just come here to find Grandfather." Elder Yue said in a highly benevolent voice as he stared at Yue Yi's pale face, the words driving chills into Yue Yi.

    Yue Ye had wanted to turn around to say something but was instead held tighter in Yue Yi's arms.

    "I'm fine. Many things happened in the Pure Grace Palace this time. I will need to speak a little longer to the Elder....."

    Elder Yue looked at Yue Yi, smiling strangely.

    "Big Brother, you're hurt? Is it serious?" Yue Ye asked as she lifted her head, to look worriedly and highly concerned at Yue Yi.

    Yue Yi's heart almost melted under that gaze and immediately shook his head.

    "I am fine. It's just some superficial injuries."

    "Alright. Little Ye should run along now. I still have things I need to talk to your elder brother about." Elder Yue said with a highly amiable smile.

    Yue Ye looked at Yue Yi, and then turned to look at Elder Yue, before she reluctantly left the room.

    After Yue Ye went out and only Elder Yue and Yue Yi were left in the room, Elder Yue lifted up his chin and then patted at his thigh.

    Yue Yi took a deep breath. Lowering his eyes, he went to kneel down by Elder Yue's leg, his knuckles whitened as his fingers dug deeply into his palms, to steadily pummel at Elder Yue's leg in massage.

    "What exactly happened in the Pure Grace Palace? Why had so many people lost their lives? How did you and Chang Huan manage to come back in the end? I saw that Chang Huan was perfectly fine. How did you get yourself so severely injured?" Elder Yue asked as he leaned back in his chair, from above in his elevated position.

    Elder Yue did not care about the deaths of the other disciples, he wouldn't be bothered no matter how many people died. The fact that Yue Yi returned was enough for him.

    But Elder Ying's subordinate Chang Huan had come back as well, which made Elder Yue rather displeased.

    "Chang Huan is from Elder Ying's side and that kid is just a piece of useless trash. With this incident having become so big, how did he come out unscathed?" Elder Yue asked, showing his discontent. Now that the Palace Lord's health was deteriorating by the day, the daily affairs of the palace were all basically handled by him and Elder Ying.

    But though having flowers on the same stem bloom was good, how could it compare with having a lone blossom enjoy its limelight?

    Currently, the other Elders of the Shadow Moon Palace were split into three factions, with one faction supporting him, one faction supporting Elder Ying, and several more of them maintaining a neutral stance. Whoever held the most authourity to speak among the Shadow Moon Palace's Elders, would also command the most power, and to any one of them there, it posed great allure.

    The weak becomes meat for the strong to eat was applicable everywhere, and it was naturally the same in the Shadow Moon Palace. In this long game of elimination, this was the best way to adopt. If this trip to the Pure Grace Palace had also gotten rid of Elder Ying's subordinate Chang Huan, then it would naturally have been the best result Elder Yue could have hoped for.

    Towards Elder Yue's question, Yue Yi already had an answer prepared. He followed Jun Wu's instructions and replied, rounding up the entire scenario flawlessly. Although Elder Yue was still a little doubtful after listening to him, but he did not find any loopholes in the answer. Moreover, he did not believe that Yue Yi would dare to deceive him.
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