Chapter 1772: “Yue Ye (3)”

    Chapter 1772: "Yue Ye (3)"

    Jun Wu Xie had just sat in the room for a short while when someone came to knock on her door.

    Opening the door to take a look, she saw it was a a few youths wearing the Shadow Moon Palace's uniform, and they looked to be slightly older than "Chang Huan".

    "Hey Chang Huan, you're back at last. Come come come, your few elder brothers have something to show you." While saying that, one of the youths was already going to pull on Jun Wu Xie's arm.

    Jun Wu Xie deftly avoided his hand, doubt rising in her heart. Based on what Yue Yi had told her, Chang Huan did not have many companions he was close with. But these few youths had suddenly appeared and the only possibility could only be that Yue Yi did not really understand Chang Huan all that well and so the information he gave her was not entirely accurate as well.

    With things happening slightly differing from what she had been prepared for, Jun Wu Xie reacted without showing any hesitation, and in order for her to better grasp the situation in the Shadow Moon Palace as soon as possible, she did not reject the youths' invitation, but had immediately stepped out to follow them.

    Along the way, the youths chattered on quite a bit, mostly about little things that had happened while Chang Huan had not been around, and about little instances of conflict within the Shadow Moon Palace.

    "You don't know it, but when we heard from Elder Ying that you were going with Yue Yi to the Pure Grace Palace, it really gave the few of us quite a scare. I had been afraid that Yue Yi would discover that something was amiss midway and do something to harm you." One of the youths said conspiratorially, his face looking highly frightened.

    "Luckily that kid is dumb and did not sense anything. And seeing that you've returned safely, we can set our hearts at ease."

    [What would Yue Yi find to be amiss?]

    Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes up slightly. The words of these youths were fleetingly mentioning Yue Yi and from they way they were speaking, this "Chang Huan" and Yue Yi seem to have something between them, but they had put it across unclearly, hence, Jun Wu Xie was still not able to understand what they really meant at that moment.

    The youths were all chattering away merrily when they suddenly noticed Jun Wu Xie's silence. They looked at each other and after exchanging glances between themselves, one of them finally spoke up: "Chang Huan, have you gone dotty? For this matter, you promised it to us before you left and you shouldn't just go back on your word right?"

    "Oh? What did I promise you?" Jun Wu Xie asked as her eyebrow arched up, acting frivolously forgetful.

    The faces of the few youths immediately changed.

    "Chang Huan! Could it be your skin is beginning to itch again? Don't think just because Elder Ying is shielding you and we will really not dare to do anything to you! Since you want to cultivate together with us, then you should at least show us some sincerity, and not be such a gutless coward just because you look like a girl!" The youths who had initially been friendly and chatty, immediately changed their demeanor upon hearing "Chang Huan" saying he had forgotten what he promised.

    Jun Wu Xie immediately understood that the youths before her had not come to seek Chang Huan because they were on good terms with him, but because they had made some special agreement between themselves and that was why they were being so friendly.

    And according to what they had said earlier, Jun Wu Xie could almost be certain that the promise made between them earlier had something to do with Yue Yi.

    But, what could that be?

    "I'm warning you, I have already gone to ask around clearly earlier. Yue Yi is now discussing things in Elder Yue's room and that little lass has just gone back to her room. At this time, it is basically when she will have to soak herself in her medicinal bath, so you have better not come act like you've suddenly gotten amnesia!" A tall youth said as he shook a fist threateningly.
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