Chapter 1773: “Yue Ye (4)”

    Chapter 1773: "Yue Ye (4)"

    "You were the one that begged to leech onto us before, and guaranteed that you will prove your guts to us soon. We've already gone to great lengths to prepare everything for you so now you've just got to do it whether you want to or not." The youths had angry looks on their faces, and were being highly threatening.

    Jun Wu Xie's mind whirled speedily, realizing that Chang Huan's situation in the Shadow Moon Palace was not too optimistic, guessing that he must have been ostracized for a long time and could not stand it any longer before he tried to stick to such a bunch of notorious kids. He had then agreed to some nefarious request from them, to prove himself with the deed.

    Looking at it now, that fool had not lost out when he was killed as this bunch of youths obviously did not think much of him. The supposed promise now seemed more like a way to toy with him and the fool had actually taken it seriously, which just showed how stupid he really was.

    Not knowing what kind of an agreement they had made before, Jun Wu Xie then went along with them.

    The youths brought Jun Wu Xie to come to the hind palace of the Shadow Moon Palace, and to pass through a garden before they came to a tranquil and quiet little courtyard. Quite a big variety of plants and flowers had been planted in the courtyard and they looked to be thriving rather well. Jun Wu Xie's gaze swept over the plants at the side and suddenly noticed that the seemingly regular plants were actually not that common. At one glance, she already saw several types of herbs that were suitable for cultivating elixirs and she did not know whether the gardener of this yard had done it intentionally but he had actually turned the soil within the yard to become like a herb garden, with just a sprinkle of decorative flowers.

    "Go in quickly." The youths urged as they stood outside the courtyard.

    Jun Wu Xie swept a glance over the expressions on the faces of the few youths and then lifted her foot to step inside. In her heart, she could roughly guess who the person in the courtyard really was but what made her think it strange was why the youths would make such an agreement with Chang Huan.

    Walking into the courtyard, it was all silent. The courtyard was not big, and a faint fragrance of herbs wafted in the air within the courtyard from beginning to end. But as the scent was rather overwhelmed by the fragrance of flowers, unless it was someone who was more sensitive to the smell of herbs, they might very easily overlook the scent.

    Jun Wu Xie went nearer to the house within the courtyard with every one of her steps. She turned her head to glance at the youths standing outside the courtyard, and saw that the youths were quietly hiding themselves on one side, peeking in with only their heads showing.

    The sound of water came out from within the house and the youths waved their hands at Jun Wu Xie anxiously, gesturing for her to quickly make her move.

    But Jun Wu Xie had no intentions of following their instructions at all. She had come only to seek for clues, and not to fulfil the agreement Chang Huan had made with that bunch of people.

    She was not the real Chang Huan, so she had nothing to do with this bunch of guys at all.

    "Damn it, has that kid lost his mind? Is he really just going to stand there and not move anymore?" One of the youths asked when he saw that Jun Wu Xie was not reacting to their repeated urgings, and could not help but curse out.

    "He's just a totally useless coward. What else does he know besides licking Elder Ying's boots?"

    They only saw Jun Wu Xie walking one around within the courtyard, and then coming out from inside right before their eyes.

    The few youths were immediately unhappy and they all went stomping angrily forward to confront the kid, surrounding Jun Wu Xie completely.

    "Chang Huan, what do you mean by this?" A tall youth asked Jun Wu Xie, his face highly displeased. They had brought the kid all the way here, so to whom was this kid posturing to with such a look now?

    As he spoke, the few youths struck, going forward and seeking to show no mercy to "Chang Huan".....

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed up slightly, and a cold glint flashed in her eyes.
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