Chapter 1774: “Yue Ye (5)”

    Chapter 1774: "Yue Ye (5)"

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed up slightly, and a cold glint flashed in her eyes.

    This bunch of good for nothing kids really think she is that hilariously foolish "Chang Huan"?

    A pity.....

    She wasn't, and neither did she intend to be like the real Chang Huan.

    What she seeked was to destroy the Shadow Moon Palace.

    And only that!

    Seeing the fist of one of the youths already flying straight towards Jun Wu Xie's face, Jun Wu Xie did not hide nor dodge but suddenly raised up her leg, that whipped out to kick right into that youth's abdomen!

    The youth who was a whole head taller than Jun Wu Xie, had in just a blink of an eye, sent flying several meters away by that one kick!

    He crashed heavily to the ground, not moving in the slightest.....

    It had just been an instant, which caused all the other youths to completely freeze.

    They knew very clearly what kind of capabilities Chang Huan possessed. It could be said that Chang Huan in the Shadow Moon Palace, although commanded a little bit of presence, but the powers he possessed was just not worth anyone's notice. Any one of the disciples dragged out would be able to toy and torment him and everyone knew that Chang Huan had only gained his status by doggedly following behind Elder Ying to fawn and flatter his way up. Deep in their hearts, not even a handful of people thought anything of Chang Huan and nobody saw any good in him.

    And none of them could have ever thought that the Chang Huan who had always not even possessed the strength to truss a chicken would suddenly explode in rage today, and had even sent a youth who had attained the blue spirit flying with just one kick!

    "You.... You scoundrel, what do you want?" The youths who had gotten a rude shock felt the fire in their hearts rise once more.

    They did not for a moment believe that Chang Yuan's powers could possibly undergo any kind of breakthrough in such a short period of time. With the scene that had just happened, only ghosts would know what kind of a trick he must have employed to do it.

    "You have chosen to shamelessly spurn us when we gave you a chance. If we do not teach you a good lesson today, you really think that no one in the Shadow Moon Palace can put you in your place?" The youths whose humiliation had turned to rage rubbed their fists as they all leapt to pounce on Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie stood in her spot and did not move in the slightest as she stared at the people pouncing right at her, the corners of her mouth curling up into a sneer.

    A purple coloured spirit light flared out suddenly from her body and without waiting for the youths to even recover their senses, the figure of Jun Wu Xie had already morphed into a purple coloured light streak to disappear right before their eyes.

    The youths could not even see the figure of Jun Wu Xie clearly, but just felt a heavy force that struck them on their chests, bringing about sudden excruciating agony, the pain feeling like they had been smashed by a enormous boulder.

    All of a sudden, the arrogant and boastful youths were all sent flying into the air, every single one of them howling endlessly as they crashed onto the ground, the excruciating pain wrecking through their bodies causing them to not even have the strength to get up.

    Jun Wu Xie walked over with contempt as she came before one of the youths.

    The youth lay on the ground, his hand clutching his chest that was feeling such excruciating pain, his eyes staring in utter disbelief at Jun Wu Xie.

    "You..... You....." [How is this possible? When did Chang Huan become a Purple Spirit?]

    Jun Wu Xie stepped her foot onto the youth's chest, the force under the foot immediately making the youth to grimace in pain.

    "Teach me a lesson? With this lot of you?" Jun Wu Xie sneered, and lifting the point of her foot, she sent the youth flying once more, to crash straight into another youth who was struggling to climb to his feet.

    It had taken only an instant, and the few youths were littered all over as they lay on the ground, the eyes that they were staring at Jun Wu Xie with at that moment, filled with pure terror.

    Who could have thought that the once weak and frail youth would suddenly increase his powers so dramatically in less than a month's time! ?

    From an unremarkable yellow spirit, to shoot up into the Purple Spirit realm!
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