Chapter 1775: “Yue Ye (6)”

    Chapter 1775: "Yue Ye (6)"

    Jun Wu Xie stood there looking down at them while the bunch of youths stood lying on the ground, pain and shock causing their bodies to shake uncontrollably.

    [A Purple Spirit?]

    [That's a Purple Spirit!]

    Among the younger generation of the Shadow Moon Palace, people who had been able to breakthrough to the Purple Spirit before they turned twenty was only Yue Yi alone. This was also why although Yue Yi was not well liked by people, no one dared to go find trouble with him.

    But today, right before their eyes, another Purple Spirit below the age of twenty had appeared once more!

    And that person, was actually the person that they had found most contemptible, Chang Huan!

    All of this, was completely unbelievable to the youths and something even harder to accept!

    "What? Feeling indignant?" Jun Wu Xie raised an eyebrow slightly as she stared at the youths on the ground, her expression seemingly appreciating their pain and shock.

    She did not care what kind of a person Chang Huan was like, and neither did she want to bother herself with how Chang Huan was in the past. The only thing she wanted to achieve was to make the name "Chang Huan" become a presence that the Shadow Moon Palace would not be able to overlook from this moment on. Only by doing that, would she then be able to come into contact with the center of power in the Shadow Moon Palace, to get an opportunity for her to send this rotten Shadow Moon Palace down to Hell!

    Having Jun Wu Xie's cold gaze sweeping over them, every single one of the youths felt as if the blood in their bodies were about to congeal. They were all trembling as they shook their heads, not daring to speak another word to Jun Wu Xie.

    Though they did not like what they saw in Chang Huan, but they did not possess the guts to go seek trouble from a Purple Spirit!

    The highest level of power among them, was merely just a blue spirit and even with the entire group of them bunched together, it would not be enough for Jun Wu Xie to crush with just one finger!

    "What are all of you doing?" Just as the youths were being frightened out of their wits, a young and innocent voice suddenly sounded behind them.

    Jun Wu Xie turned her head around upon hearing the voice, to discover a little girl wrapped in an under robe standing timidly inside the courtyard. Her face was pretty, and she looked very much like Yue Yi. Yue Yi's looks were already outstanding and this little girl's features were highly similar to Yue Yi's, but beautiful in a more gentle way. The little girl's hair was still dripping with water, her feet bare upon the cold stone slabs, her large eyes filled with puzzlement.

    [This is Yue Ye? Yue Yi's sister?]

    Jun Wu Xie quickly ascertained Yue Ye's identity.

    "Are all of you hurt? I'll go get a physician!" When Yue Ye saw the youths lying on the ground and vomiting out blood, her face became worried and she was right about to run out when Jun Wu Xie stretched her hand out to stop her.

    When the shy little girl raised her head up to look at Jun Wu Xie's face with that cold expression, she head subconsciously sank into her shoulders.

    "They are fine. There is no need to get a physician." Although Jun Wu Xie's words were spoken to Yue Ye, her eyes had already drifted over towards the youths lying upon the ground.

    With that one sweep of Jun Wu Xie's icy gaze, the youths immediately began shaking like injured fledglings. They were all already feeling such heart rending pain but they still had to force themselves to put on a smile that made them look even uglier than when they cried towards Yue Ye and say: "Fine..... We're fine. We're very good..... Haha..... We were just doing some friendly sparring with Junior Chang Huan here....."

    Seeing Jun Wu Xie turning her gaze away, the youths immediately heaved a big sigh of relief. Their minds were already about to crumble into pieces at that moment. Just what kind of a sin had they committed that they had to be put through this?

    And what could have possessed Chang Huan that he would completely change into an entirely different person after coming back from the Pure Grace Palace.....
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