Chapter 1776: “Strife and Intrigue (1)”

    Chapter 1776: "Strife and Intrigue (1)"

    "Are all of you really alright?" Yue Ye was still a little worried as she looked at the group of youths.

    The youths were almost about to sob right out in front of Yue Ye.

    [Girl! We wouldn't dare say a thing no matter how hurt we are! We beg that you just don't ask us anymore alright? Can't you see the look that star of calamity beside you is looking at us with?]

    [We just want to be completely forgotten now, please do not care about us anymore..... We beg you!]

    "Fine, couldn't be better." The youths were so deeply afraid that they would be whacked up by Jun Wu Xie another time that they quickly struggled up to their feet from the ground, despite the fact that the pain was killing them. They still had to force a contorted smile on their faces as they helped each other to silently scramble away from Yue Ye's and Jun Wu Xie's sight.

    Watching the youths' wretched escaping backs, Jun Wu Xie arched up an eyebrow.

    "Big Brother Chang Huan?" Jun Wu Xie suddenly seemed to have noticed something and she turned her head to find that Yue Ye was tugging at her clothes with her hand.

    "Hm?" It might be because Yue Ye was Yue Yi's sister that Jun Wu Xie wasn't being that cold to Yue Ye.

    "Big Brother Chang Huan is also a Purple Spirit?" Yue Ye asked with her head tilted, her face looking a little confused as she looked at Jun Wu Xie.

    "Mm." Jun Wu Xie nodded.

    "Are Purple Spirits all very powerful? Just like my Big Brother, he is also a Purple Spirit..... but..... he got himself hurt this time. Does Big Brother Chang Huan know what happened?" Yue Ye looked at Jun Wu Xie with a worried expression. Despite Yue Yi telling her that he was not badly hurt, Yue Ye could still see that the colour on his face did not look too good, showing obviously that he had been wounded.

    "It's nothing much." Jun Wu Xie knew how much Yue Yi cared about his sister and she would naturally know that Yue Yi wouldn't want the young Yue Ye to know the darkness that pervaded this world, and she did not tell her too much.

    Yue Ye opened her mouth like she was going to ask further when she saw Elder Yue suddenly leading a bunch of disciples and was coming towards Jun Wu Xie with a highly darkened face. Yue Yi was also following behind Elder Yue as he trailed behind at the back of the group, his gaze slightly surprised when it fell upon Jun Wu Xie and Yue Ye standing just beside her. But he then very quickly threw Jun Wu Xie a cautionary glance before retracting his gaze, like nothing had ever happened.

    "Chang Huan." Elder Yue came walking right up to Jun Wu Xie. When he saw the Purple Spirit's glow that had not dissipated around Jun Wu Xie's body, his eyes flashed with a trace of malice.

    [How is it possible! ?]

    [When did this kid become a Purple Spirit?]

    Elder Yue's heart jumped a little.

    "Here, Elder." Jun Wu Xie acknowledged indifferently.

    That easy and indifferent demeanor, immediately made Elder Yue's face to turn a shade darker.

    "Do you know what you have just done?" Elder Yue asked in a cold voice.

    "Oh? What have I done?" Jun Wu Xie arched up an eyebrow.

    Elder Yue snorted derisively. "Within the Shadow Moon Palace, its disciples are strictly prohibited from fighting among themselves, and knowing that, you have wilfully violated those rules by wounding several disciples in broad daylight. Do you realize the severity of your actions! ?"

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed up as she stared at Elder Yue who had come prepared, an icy chill rising up in her heart.

    The speed that Elder Yue arrived here was a little too fast. The youths had just left not long ago and Elder Yue had already led a group of people to come here. If it was said that Elder Yue did not know anything about "Chang Huan's agreement" with those few youths before, Jun Wu Xie would not believe a word of it.

    From the looks of the size of the group he brought here, Elder Yue must have planned all of this right from the start!

    Jun Wu Xie had really not thought that with her just having come here to the Shadow Moon Palace, she would immediately be met with such a great show!
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