Chapter 1777: “Strife and Intrigue (2)”

    Chapter 1777: "Strife and Intrigue (2)"

    "Chang Huan, we can disregard the usual misdemeanor you are always up to, but on this recent trip to the Pure Grace Palace, you had also contributed absolutely nothing at all. And now, you dared to violate the palace rules the very moment you come back, where you wounded your fellow disciples. You're exhibiting such sheer arrogance and showing complete disregard for anyone!" Elder Yue berated Jun Wu Xie in a highly self righteous voice.

    Jun Wu Xie had an eyebrow lifted as she looked at Elder Yue with his high posturing, and she sneered coldly in her mind.

    Elder Yue had really put an enormous hat onto her head. On the trip to the Pure Grace Palace for the birthday celebrations, he was claiming that she had not achieved anything. Could he even have possibly been hoping that she would be able to win some benefits while she was in the Pure Grace Palace and bring it back to hand it to the palace?

    Moreover, Jun Wu Xie did not believe that Elder Yue really had a pair of such far hearing ears that he would be able to know exactly everything that occured here in such a short period of time right after it happened, and to bring with him a whole group of people to come find fault with him. It was obvious that Elder Yue had planned all of this.

    Jun Wu Xie did not need to think much about it before she already knew what kind of intentions Elder Yue had in mind.

    Yue Ye was Yue Yi's younger sister and Elder Ying was not on good terms with Elder Yue for a long time. Yue Yi was Elder Yue's biggest chip in hand and if Yue Yi were to see his most precious little sister outraged by Elder Ying's most favoured pupil, then based on Yue Yi's temperament, he would have lashed out right there on the spot. And even if Yue Yi were to beat Chang Huan to death, Elder Yue would be able to use the excuse that Chang Huan broke the palace rules as a cover, to bestow favour upon Yue Yi and at the same time rid himself of a pawn in the hands of his hated rival. It could be said that it was a scheme that gave him the best of both worlds.

    If not for that, Jun Wu Xie wouldn't be able to have realized why Elder Yue would rush over here so fast, or why those youths would dare to make such an agreement with Chang Huan even when they knew that Yue Ye was Elder Yue's adopted granddaughter.

    It was obvious that before Chang Huan had gone to the Pure Grace Palace, Elder Yue had already set up the trap, to wait for Chang Huan to fall into it himself.

    But what a pity, the one who returned from the Pure Grace Palace, was Jun Wu Xie, and not that fool, Chang Huan!

    Elder Yue's scheme did not come out according to what he had planned, creating a misstep in his plan that was to kill two birds with one stone. All he was thinking of now was to get rid of Jun Wu Xie now, which would still work out for him.

    "Men! Arrest Chang Huan immediately and lock him up in the dungeon." Elder Yue did not give Jun Wu Xie any chance to defend herself at all and just immediately ordered for the men to capture her, thinking to strike hard and fast, to get rid of Chang Huan first.

    Several of the Shadow Moon Palace's disciples immediately walked towards Jun Wu Xie, but how could Jun Wu Xie possibly do nothing and just be a sitting duck?

    Before the disciples even got close, the purple coloured spirit glow that had just dissipated flared out once again!

    A dominating surge of spirit power pushed the disciples back in retreat in that instant!

    "Chang Huan! Are you thinking of rebelling! ?" This time, Elder Yue could clearly feel just how dense the spirit power coming out from Jun Wu Xie's body really was. And upon seeing that, it just further steeled his resolve to want to get rid of Jun Wu Xie!

    Chang Huan's power was originally not all that significant, but he had however gained the high favour of Elder Ying, who shielded the kid in the Shadow Moon Palace. Elder Yue was seeking to eradicate Chang Huan because he wanted to hit at Elder Ying's morale. But when the mediocre Chang Huan suddenly displayed such astounding spirit power, the urge in Elder Yue to have him killed greatly intensified!

    As his eyes, had undoubtedly seen that the spirit power on Jun Wu Xie's body was thicker and denser than that of Yue Yi's!

    It was clear to see that Jun Wu Xie's power had surpassed Yue Yi's and that was one point that Elder Yue would not be able to tolerate!

    "Kid! I will really like to see just what kind of great capabilities you hold!" The glint of murder came to the surface in Elder Yue's eyes, and a silver slight suddenly shrouded Elder Yue's body!
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