Chapter 1778: “Strife and Intrigue (3)”

    Chapter 1778: "Strife and Intrigue (3)"

    Among the Twelve Palaces, people who were able to break through to the Silver Spirit were almost only the various Palace Lords themselves. But there were some Elders who have already broken through to the Silver Spirit in existence, but the number of them were extremely rare!

    Elder Yue was considered to be the most senior in the Shadow Moon Palace and it was rumored outside that his powers could very well be above that of the current Palace Lord. Upon seeing that silver spirit light appear now, Jun Wu Xie was even more certain of that point.

    "Kid, you think a Purple Spirit is all that great? Let me tell you, before a Silver Spirit, the Purple Spirit is just a helpless sheep waiting to be slaughtered!" Elder Yue said with a disdainful sneer.

    Standing at the side, Yue Yi was bathed in cold sweat, highly worried for Jun Wu Xie. He wanted to step forth to dissuade Elder Yue but was stopped by a glance from Jun Wu Xie, so he could do nothing but remain in his spot, his fists tightly clenched at his sides.

    This was the prowess of Elder Yue. His powers, even when placed among the most powerful and elite of the other palaces, would have few able to compare, whatsmore in just the Shadow Moon Palace itself.

    Yue Yi had not slacked in his training from when he was very young, all because he sought to be able to surpass Elder Yue one day, and save himself and his little sister from the evil claws of Elder Yue. Having suffered under those claws of Elder Yue for so many years, Yue Yi knew it better than anyone, that this old man who looked to be benevolent and kindly, was in actual fact just how cruel and vicious!

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed up as she stared at the spirit power swirling around Elder Yue, her eyes rising up with a cold glint.

    At the moment that Elder Yue was just about to capture Jun Wu Xie, a voice suddenly rang out that held Elder Yue from moving.

    "Elder Yue! What are you trying to do! ?" A deep bellow filled with rage sounded. It was not known when Elder Ying had rushed over here, as Elder Ying came leading a few other Elders who supported him, making their way straight towards Elder Yue.

    Elder Yue cursed inwardly in his heart, but had no choice but to hold his hand. With a stern face, he then said: "Elder Ying, this here is your good disciple? On the very day he just came back, he had already gotten into a fight and wounded several of our palace's disciples. Such brazen recklessness, and if we do not properly instill in him the Shadow Moon Palace's rules, how much more atrocious will he grow to become?"

    Elder Ying's brows creased up together. When he had just received the news, he had thought it to be ridiculous. He knew very well just what kind of capabilities Chang Huan possessed and if it was said that Chang Huan was able to injure several of the Shadow Moon Palace's disciples, he wouldn't believe it even if you beat him to death. But when he saw the purple coloured spirit glow around Jun Wu Xie's body, Elder Ying's heart quaked violently!

    [Purple Spirit!]

    [The kid has actually broken through to the realm of the Purple Spirit!]

    [How is it possible?]

    Elder Ying's heart was filled with doubts, but with Elder Yue's predatory eyes gazing so covetously at the side, he was unable to investigate deeper into it.

    "Since Elder Yue is aware that Chang Huan is my disciple, then if commits a wrong, it will naturally be me who will deal with it. Since Elder Yue is preaching on the palace rules, then I will talk to you about the palace rules. Have you forgotten? In our Shadow Moon Palace, if a disciple makes an infraction, then the Elder guiding them will have to deal with them accordingly, and others are not to stick their hand in with disciplining the disciple?" Elder Ying said as he raised his chin slightly, putting himself right between Elder Yue and Jun Wu Xie, his towering figure completely blocking Jun Wu Xie from Elder Yue's sight, looking highly protective of his charge.

    Elder Yue discreetly clenched his jaw. The Shadow Moon Palace's rules were as Elder Ying had said, and that was why he had immediately led his people to come rushing over, seeking to get rid of Jun Wu Xie before Elder Ying discovered anything, never expecting that Elder Ying would come rushing over in time.
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