Chapter 1779: “Strife and Intrigue (4)”

    Chapter 1779: "Strife and Intrigue (4)"

    "Since Elder Ying is saying that, I believe that Elder Ying should know how to deal with this matter. Those wounded disciples need someone to give them a satisfactory answer. I will report this matter to the Lord and I think the Lord believes that Elder Ying will be able to deal with the matter appropriately." Elder Yue said with a sneering smile, hiding the rage within his heart.

    That he had failed to get rid of Jun Wu Xie this day, caused Elder Yue to be filled with regret. Yue Yi was the most outstanding disciple among the younger generation in the Shadow Moon Palace but now "Chang Huan" had popped up unexpectedly from nowhere. It would still be good if the incident could be used to suppress "Chang Huan" newfound prominence as if he was not stifled and pressed down, then whether it was for Yue Yi or for Elder Yue himself, it might affect them adversely.

    "Elder Yue can rest assured. I will naturally deal with it according to the palace rules." Elder Ying said.

    With the matter having come to this, Elder Yue was not able to strike Jun Wu Xie down anymore, and could now do nothing but leave reluctantly.

    When Yue Yi was leaving, he showed obvious hesitation as he turned his head to look at Yue Ye standing there with her feet bare and her eyes filled with worry. But Elder Yue's gaze made him not dare to tarry a moment longer, but to turn his eyes away to catch up with the group in silence.

    The moment Elder Yue left, Elder Ying immediately kept away his aggressive demeanor and turned himself around, to look at Jun Wu Xie standing right behind him, his eyes looking rather complicated.

    Jun Wu Xie stared straight back into Elder Ying's eyes, without avoiding his gaze at all.

    "You rascal, stirring up trouble for me the very moment you come back. I need to account for this incident to those disciples in the palace, so you just follow me back now and I will definitely have to punish you properly for this." Elder Ying said with his brows creased together in a frown, his voice stern.

    The other Elders then dispersed at a signal from Elder Ying and Jun Wu Xie retracted the spirit power shrouding her body before she went to follow behind Elder Ying.

    A slight breeze blew past, tinged with a slight chill, which made Yue Ye who stood there shiver in cold. She stared at the back view of Jun Wu Xie which was growing more distant, no one knowing what was going through her mind. It might be because she was feeling the chill as her body trembled and she quickly hugged her arms to run back inside her own little courtyard.

    Elder Ying did not bring Jun Wu Xie to the place where disciples of the Shadow Moon Palace received their punishments, but instead led Jun Wu Xie back to his room.

    Once inside, Elder Ying sat himself down on the chair, and he could not help but scanned his eyes over Jun Wu Xie from head to toe.

    "Kid, aren't you going to tell me honestly just what is it with that spirit power you have on you?" Elder Ying asked with his eyes narrowed up.

    "Doesn't the Elder think that this is good?" Jun Wu Xie asked, with a shrug of her shoulders, and not the slightest bit of nervousness was seen on her.

    "Good? What's so good about it? That fella, that Elder Yue had wanted to have you killed today! Do you really think that the Purple Spirit is all that invincible? Haven't you seen how badly suppressed that kid, Yue Yi is by Elder Yue? Although your powers are higher than Yue Yi's by a stretch, but all below the Silver Spirit are deemed to be insignificant louses. You couldn't possibly be unaware of the impossible gap between a Purple Spirit and a Silver Spirit would you? Would you believe that if Elder Yue had his heart set on wanting to have you eradicated today, with your skills, you would not be able to even withstand three strokes from him?" Elder Ying asked in a deep voice.

    "In whose hands the prized deer will finally fall into, how could anyone possibly know without even giving it a try?" Jun Wu Xie had an eyebrow arched up, her eyes rising with a glint of confidence.

    Elder Ying drew in a deep breath.

    "Chang Huan. Or should I call you by another name?" Elder Ying's words were shocking, having actually seen through Jun Wu Xie's disguise.

    But against that question from Elder Ying, Jun Wu Xie was not showing the least bit of panic, but instead went walking over to a chair at the side to sit herself down.
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