Chapter 1780: “Taking What Each Needs (1)”

    Chapter 1780: "Taking What Each Needs (1)"

    "If you like, you can continue to call me Chang Huan." Jun Wu Xie said to Elder Ying indifferently.

    Elder Ying had not thought that after Jun Wu Xie's disguise had been seen through, she could still remain so calm and the gaze he was looking at her with then unconsciously filled up with a trace of admiration. "You've got some guts. Although I do not know who you are, but you actually dare to come sneak into the Shadow Moon Palace disguised as Chang Huan. Aren't you afraid that I will immediately reveal your identity to others and make it impossible for you to walk out of the Shadow Moon Palace alive?"

    Jun Wu Xie lifted up her eyes to look at Elder Ying to reply: "If you had such intentions, you would have handed me over to Elder Yue just now."

    Although Chang Huan did not have anyone he was especially familiar or close with in the Shadow Moon Palace, but Elder Ying often provided backing for Chang Huan and he would naturally know Chang Huan a lot better than others. Jun Wu Xie had known it all along that if she used her powers today, she would have then exposed her identity to Elder Ying.

    The sudden increase powers, in the eyes of others, could have been due to Chang Huan hiding it to not attract attention, but for Elder Ying who was the person responsible for guiding and teaching Chang Huan, he would naturally know very clearly of the kind of talent and the state of Chang Huan's meridians.

    A person might due to a fortuitous encounter or some special reason be able to achieve a breakthrough of their powers to realms they would usually not be able to attain, but no one could possibly shoot from a yellow spirit to the Purple Spirit's fourth stage in just a mere month!

    A human body's meridians had its own limits and before they are given careful nursing, it is impossible to breakthrough those limits. And the nursing process was an extremely slow one, and not something that could be achieved in just one short month.

    Jun Wu Xie had been brazenly daring today because she had her own reasons for it.

    "Kid, a person shouldn't be too arrogant. The taste of one's downfall due to overconfidence isn't all that sweet." Elder Ying sighed softly. Although his face showed disapproval, the meaning behind Elder Ying's words instead seem to verify what Jun Wu Xie was guessing in her mind.

    "Whether I'm arrogant or not is not important. What's important is whether I can be of use to you." Jun Wu Xie said as she lifted up a teacup, to slowly sip from it.

    "The Shadow Moon Palace Lord's health is deteriorating by the day and most of the palace's daily affairs are handled by you and Elder Yue. A mountain cannot contain two tigers and Elder Yue and you are like fire and water. He holds in his hand the most outstanding young disciple in the Shadow Moon Palace while your subordinates clearly number next to nothing, but just one piece of useless trash like Chang Huan. All of this, doesn't it make you feel that aggrieved in the slightest?" Jun Wu Xie asked, an eyebrow raising up as she looked at Elder Ying.

    Elder Ying drew in a deep breath. "What you say is correct, but at the same time erroneous. Although I am not on good terms with Elder Yue, it is not because of power within the Shadow Moon Palace."

    "Oh?" Jun Wu Xie then went.

    Elder Ying looked at Jun Wu Xie, but did not seem like he intended to continue speaking about it.

    "Kid, whatever your objective is here in the Shadow Moon Palace, I do not care. But if you wish to continue to live while remaining safe and sound in the Shadow Moon Palace, you have to help me do one thing." Elder Ying suddenly said.

    Jun Wu Xie felt that Elder Ying was a little strange, different from the other Elders of the Twelve Palaces who were all blinded by greed. This Elder Ying seemed to possess his a strong belief of his own but as to what that belief was, Jun Wu Xie really found it unfathomable.

    But, as long as one seeked something, then it would be possible for enemies to turn into friends. No matter what Elder Ying's motives were, there was one similar point they both shared.

    And that was they both would not be pleased to see Elder Yue living too comfortably.

    "What is it?" Jun Wu Xie asked.

    "I need you to help me go into Elder Yue's library, to look into something." Elder Ying's eyes darkened slightly.
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