Chapter 1782: “Taking What Each Needs (3)”

    Chapter 1782: "Taking What Each Needs (3)"

    "You won't stop me in the slightest?" Jun Wu Xie whispered as she looked at Elder Ying's back as it grew more distant, and she waved her hand lightly to summon the little black cat. She then carried the little black cat in her arms to walk right into a corner of the cell. The cell looked to be very clean and tidy, and Elder Ying must have sent someone in to clean it up before.

    Jun Wu Xie found herself a clean spot to sit down and the little black cat shifted itself a little, as it tried to find a comfortable position for it to snuggle down into.


    [This Elder Ying is rather strange. Why do I feel that he seems to hold sinister intentions against the Shadow Moon Palace?]

    An animal's sixth sense is always exceptionally sharp and the little black cat had already heard every single word Elder Ying had said while it was inside Jun Wu Xie's body.

    Jun Wu Xie had obviously taken his disciple's place and appeared within the Shadow Moon Palace but Elder Ying did not even ask a single word about Chang Huan's whereabouts, and had instead given Jun Wu Xie a hand in help. Although he had now given Jun Wu Xie a condition for her to continue to leave, but..... he wasn't the least bit concerned whether Jun Wu Xie would pose to be a threat to the Shadow Moon Palace at all.

    The little black cat had wrecked its brains out but it still could not understand what this Elder Ying was intending to achieve.

    Jun Wu Xie lowered her head slightly, slowly stroking the little black cat's fur, while she sorted out the thoughts in her mind at the same time.

    "Elder Ying is not of the Shadow Moon Palace's direct lineage. Still remember what Yue Yi had said before? Elder Ying joined the Shadow Moon Palace when he was thirty five years of age and before that, he was the successor of an ancient family clan and the only heir." Jun Wu Xie's eyes lowered slightly. The strange way Elder Ying was acting might have something to do with his lineage.

    In the Middle Realm, though the might of the Nine Temples and the Twelve Palaces might be alluring, but many of the old and ancient family clans and other powers that existed avoided attracting too much attention.

    Although it was great to enjoy the shade under a big tree, but if the tree was a carnivorous species, not many people would be all that willing to become nutrients for it.

    With every old and ancient family clan, they all always had their own sense of pride and beliefs, a inheritance accumulated from the times of their generations of ancestors, wealth they behind for their descendants. Asking them to join the Twelve Palaces or the Nine Temples, would mean that they would have to abandon their identities in their family clans, to become a member of the Nine Temples or the Twelve Palace, a mere byword of embodiment.

    Especially if it was a large extended family clan, it was not strange that some of them would occasionally harbour such ideas.

    But Elder Ying was the last person left in his family clan. The day he became Elder Ying, meant that he had given up on his own family clan, completely wiping off all traces of the existence of his family.

    Before she had met Elder Ying, Jun Wu Xie had guessed that Elder Ying was a person who was eager to seek immediate gains, or he wouldn't be locked in a struggle against Elder Yue on opposing sides. But having seen Elder Ying now, Jun Wu Xie quickly overturned her earlier assumption.

    In Elder Ying's eyes, she did not see the tiniest spark of fiery desire, but such a sense of highly suppressed emotions.

    What was he suppressing?

    Jun Wu Xie had no way of knowing. But there was one point that she could be certain of. And that was Elder Ying was not all that loyal to the Shadow Moon Palace.

    Otherwise, he would not possibly allow an imposter of unknown origin like her to carry out her impersonation like this.

    "No matter what his motives are, we're just taking what we each need, and there's nothing bad about this." Jun Wu Xie was rather satisfied with the current situation she was in. Being imprisoned in here, might make it easier for her to move around.


    [There isn't anything that bad about him alright. Do you know? If Elder Ying had not appeared there in time, that great demon lord would not have been able to hold himself back from coming out to wash the entire Shadow Moon Palace in blood!]
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