Chapter 1783: “Taking What Each Needs (4)”

    Chapter 1783: "Taking What Each Needs (4)"

    In the Shadow Moon Palace's main palace hall, Elder Yue and Elder Ying stood on two sides of the palace hall. Seated upon the main seat, the Palace Lord was rubbing at his temples, his head aching as he looked at the two Elders who were arguing heatedly till their faces turned red.

    "This is the kind of answer that Elder Ying had promised to give? After Chang Huan injured several of the Shadow Moon Palace's disciples, he is only being locked up in the dungeons to reflect on his actions? Elder Ying, isn't your way of dealing with it carried out a little too half heartedly?" Elder Yue sneered in disdain as he stared at Elder Ying. He had known that it was impossible that Elder Ying would punish Jun Wu Xie and he had very quickly brought the matter up to the Palace Lord and made a big fuss out of it. Having failed to get rid of Jun Wu Xie had already driven him to almost vomit blood and if he was still unable to at least strike a blow upon Jun Wu Xie, which would also take Elder Ying down a peg, then he would have two swallow two consecutive blows himself.

    "Chang Huan has just returned from the Pure Grace Palace and he witnessed with his own eyes the deaths of his fellow disciples, which caused his heart quite a bit of distress. My Lord knows this as well. The child Chang Huan has been timid and a very much coward from young and he did not even dare fight back when he was bullied by others. Today's incident is just because he was overcome with fright and lost his mind for a moment that made him err in such a manner. This old man could not bear to punish him too harshly due to the unwavering loyalty he holds towards the Shadow Moon Palace and also because he has finally achieved a breakthrough in his spirit powers after so long. Afterall, the child was really greatly affected which caused his heart and mind to fall into chaos, never expecting that some good would actually come out from that setback, leading him to breakthrough to the Purple Spirit realm!" Elder Ying said, surreptitiously defused Elder Yue's aggressive onslaught piece by piece, and even offhandedly mentioning about Jun Wu Xie's "breakthrough".

    The Palace Lord who had been feeling his head ache suddenly heard of "Chang Huan's" breakthrough to the Purple Spirit, and he immediately perked up, his eyes lighting up slightly.

    "Chang Huan broke through to the Purple Spirit? Is what Elder Ying said really true?" The Shadow Moon Palace Lord asked, his voice tinged with surprise.

    The Shadow Moon Palace's might was becoming weaker and weaker and in the Middle Realm where might made right, it was becoming increasingly difficult for them to progress. A pity they had not been able to rope in any talented youths with good potential in the last Battle of Deities Grand Meet with many of the good ones snatched up by the other palaces. That had only caused the Shadow Moon Palace which was already in a rather poor state to be put in an even more awkward position.

    What the Shadow Moon Palace lacked the most now, was skilled disciples among their younger generation. Only when the younger one grew, would the Shadow Moon Palace have hope of being able to rise up!

    "Yes my Lord, Chang Huan has indeed broken through to the Purple Spirit. That kid possessed rather good gift from a young age but it was because he was just too faint hearted and cowardly which greatly impeded the progress of his spirit power's advancement. It might be because this trip to Pure Grace Palace made him witness such a gory and blood filled scene within the struggle among the Twelve Palaces that made him realize that he cannot continue to remain so weak, and all the pent up potential within his body suddenly exploded." Elder Ying said, taking advantage of the situation to explain.

    Elder Yue on the other side was so infuriated his beard bristled and his eyes widened to glare fiercely, not knowing how the topic of assuming blame had suddenly taken such a turn.

    Seeing the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's expression of pure joy, Elder Yue knew that his plan to strike at Elder Ying and Jun Wu Xie had already gone down the drain!

    "Oh? That kid actually held such great potential? No wonder Elder Ying had wanted to keep him no matter what at that time. I had thought that Elder Ying sheltered him then merely because you thought him pitiful. But my eyes had been proven to have misjudged him. Elder Ying has expended quite a lot of effort on Chang Huan all these years and it must have been hard on you to have groomed such an outstanding talent for our Shadow Moon Palace." The Shadow Moon Palace Lord complimented with a smile at the edges of his mouth.

    "It is all due to my Lord blessed fortune. All of the Shadow Moon Palace's disciples, are all my Lord's and this old man does not dare to claim any credit." Elder Ying said humbly.
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