Chapter 1784: “Taking What Each Needs (5)”

    Chapter 1784: "Taking What Each Needs (5)"

    "Elder Ying is being too modest." The Shadow Moon Palace Lord then continued with a laugh: "Elder Ying is indeed worthy of being the successor of a battle family clan. Your expertise in the cultivation of spirit powers is definitely not what regular people can compare to and I hope Elder Ying will be able to groom more talented disciples for our Shadow Moon Palace in future.

    Elder Ying smiled and nodded his head, but that smile did not reach his eyes.

    "Alright. Chang Huan must have suffered quite a shock and since it turned out to be such a blessing, I do not think that there is too much of a problem with the way Elder Ying has dealt with the matter, and the whole incident is just a case of a little friction between the disciples. They are all just young and exuberant youths and it is understandable that they would occasionally commit a momentary lapse of judgement. Elder Yue, I know that you are a candid and straightforward person and this matter shall be laid to rest from here. There is no need for you to get enraged over such a small matter." The Shadow Moon Palace Lord was in a great mood and he even went on to give an order to Elder Yue.

    The expression on Elder Yue's face was highly displeased but could do nothing but to endure the dissatisfaction in his heart, to put on a forced smile.

    "Everything shall be as my Lord has said."

    "I'm also tired already, both of you are dismissed." The Shadow Moon Palace Lord said with a wave of his hand.

    Elder Ying immediately retreated out from the room.

    Elder Yue's front foot was just about to step over the threshold of the palace hall when the Shadow Moon Palace Lord spoke.

    "Elder Yue."

    "Your subordinate's here." Elder Yue halted his steps, and immediately turned himself around to acknowledge.

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord yawned and said: "I have not been feeling too great these few days. Have Little Ye to come to my room."

    Elder Yue immediately smiled and said: "Yes, my Lord."

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord then got up and left the palace hall, while Elder Yue went walking to Yue Ye's little courtyard.

    Inside the courtyard, Yue Ye was dressed in a simple set of clothes as she squatted down at the side of the flowerbeds while holding a little shovel in her hand and working on the well thriving plants.

    Elder Yue's gaze fell on the side of Yue Ye's pretty face.

    Already twelve years old, she was gradually blooming and starting to reveal traces of a young girl's gentle beauty. Compared to Yue Yi, Yue Ye's looks suited Elder Yue's tastes a little more.


    Elder Yue recomposed himself and cleared his throat before he called out: "Little Ye."

    When Yue Ye heard Elder Yue's voice, she immediately raised her head, and with a wave of the little shovel in her hand, a bit of the soil on the shovel stuck onto Yue Ye's little face.

    "Grandfather?" Yue Ye said as she looked at Elder Yue, her eyes blinking.

    Elder Yue's brows creased slightly and he said: "Come here."

    Yue Ye shrank her head into her shoulders and stood up carefully, to slowly walk over to stand before Elder Yue.

    "Toss that shovel away." Elder Yue said stiffly.

    Yue Ye immediately dropped the little shovel to the ground, and a clear clatter sounded.

    Elder Yue's gaze swept sternly over Yue Ye's face and when he saw the dirt on her face, his expression become even more disapproving.

    "As a girl, what are you doing messing around with these plants all the time? These tasks are what the gardeners are supposed to do."

    Yue Ye trembled slightly as she lowered her head and said in a soft voice: "Little Ye knows it now."

    Elder Yue drew in a deep breath. "Alright. Go clean yourself up and change out of those clothes. The Palace Lord wants to see you."

    When she heard the two words "Palace Lord", Yue Ye shivered, and her little hands twisted the corners of her clothes nervously, exhibiting signs of fear.

    Elder Yue was oblivious towards the fear Yue Ye was showing but just went on to say: "The Palace Lord's health has differed vastly from before. Although you are my granddaughter, you are still a member of the Shadow Moon Palace. So the Palace Lord's worry, is also a worry for you and me. Taking good care of the Palace Lord is a role that you ought to do, do you understand?"

    "Little Ye understands....."
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