Chapter 1785: “Belief (1)”

    Chapter 1785: "Belief (1)"

    Jun Wu Xie sat within the cell, the surrounding dark and dank. An occasional sob or curse would drift out from the other cells, their voices both male and female, but all filled with despair and aggrievement.

    Those voices swam around Jun Wu Xie's ears, and she just sat there quietly, looking like she had nothing to do with this place of despair at all.

    "For how long do you intend to remain in this place?" A languid sounding voice quietly sounded from outside the jail cell.

    Jun Wu Xie lifted her head to look at Jun Wu Yao standing outside. He had his arms folded across his chest, as he leaned against the old and worn wooden pillar, his head tilted as he looked at Jun Wu Xie separated from him behind the jail bars.

    "When I destroy this place, I will go." Jun Wu Xie answered expressionlessly.

    Jun Wu Yao lifted his eyebrow slightly, as he looked around at the filthy and broken down dungeon, the disdain in his eyes couldn't be anymore obvious.

    "Destroy it....." The corners of Jun Wu Yao's mouth curled up slightly, and a cloud of black mist rose from his fingertips. Under the dim firelight, the cloud of black mist looked exceptionally sinister and terrifying, filled with the sense of impending doom.

    Jun Wu Xie then said: "I want to do it on my own."

    "Why go through all that trouble?"

    "You have things that you need to do, and so do I" Jun Wu Xie said calmly. She knew all too well of Jun Wu Yao's might. No need to mention just the Shadow Moon Palace. Even if it was the most dominant Flame Demons Palace among the Twelve Palaces, when placed before Jun Wu Yao, it would be just as insignificant as a louse, something that he would be able to send straight to Hell with just a light flick of his finger.

    But that was not the result that Jun Wu Xie wanted, and also not a method that was acceptable to her.

    What she seeked, and wanted to do was to complete it with her own strength, and not hide beneath Jun Wu Yao's wing to seek protection.

    Jun Wu Xie felt highly fortunate, that although Jun Wu Yao was mighty, he fully respected her ideals, never doing anything that she was not able to accept, always respecting her decisions.

    In truth, the reason she was not willing to depend on Jun Wu Yao's strength, had another layer of consideration to it.

    There was no doubt that Jun Wu Yao was very powerful, but Jun Wu Xie had not forgotten the rumour that had once swept through the Middle Realm, regarding the decline of the Dark Emperor. With Jun Wu Yao's powerful might and when the Dark Regime was flourishing, who could have possessed the ability to imprison him in that dark cave that never saw light? That was a point that Jun Wu Xie had never been able to understand and the only think that she could be certain of was that the enemy that Jun Wu Yao had to face was not someone the current her would be able to take on at all.

    Although Jun Wu Yao had not spoken about his own affairs, but Jun Wu Xie could faintly feel that he must have his own reasons for not returning to the Dark Regions to now. When he had been in the Lower Realm, he would often go missing and it was thought that it had something to do with this, while he had also always kept the news that he still lived hidden.

    Although Jun Wu Xie did not know who it was that Jun Wu Yao wanted to hide that from, but she understood that if it was a person that even Jun Wu Yao had to be wary of, that person would not be any ordinary character. She had not wanted him to make any moves here in the Middle Realm, was also because she did not want him to expose himself because of her, and bring trouble upon him.

    She wanted to become stronger, not just merely for herself, but was hoping, that if the day came, that Jun Wu Yao was to face his enemy, she wouldn't just be able to stand behind him without being able to do anything, but to be able to stand beside him, and fight against those disasters together with him.

    When she was weak, he shielded her.

    She seeked to become strong, so she would be able to stand by his shoulder in battle, to face dangers together.

    All of this, Jun Wu Xie had never once spoken a word of it, but that belief had long taken root deep in her heart way before.
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