Chapter 1786: “Belief (2)”

    Chapter 1786: "Belief (2)"

    "You're still being so obstinate." Jun Wu Yao said as he narrowed his eyes, but his devilish gaze tinged with an faint indiscernible smile. She could clearly borrow upon his strength to flatten every obstacle before her but the little one was always so stubborn, never taking the initiative to have him stick his hand into such affairs.

    It could be said that Jun Wu Yao had watched Jun Wu Xie every step of the way as she went from weak towards power. On this road, just how far she would be able to go, he just couldn't wait to see.

    "This is called perseverance." Jun Wu Xie said.

    "Alright. Perseverance." Jun Wu Yao said, with a helpless smile.

    "Where is Ye Sha?" Jun Wu Xie suddenly asked.

    Her voice had just fallen when a figure silently appeared behind Jun Wu Yao.

    Ye Sha knelt on one knee and said: "Your subordinate is here."

    "Go help me check whether there is something that matches this half piece of jade in Elder Yue's room." Jun Wu Xie said as she handed to Ye Sha, the half piece of jade that Elder Ying had given to her. She should be doing these things herself, but..... she did not think that someone would just let her reflect on her mistakes in the dungeon so peacefully.

    "Yes, Young Miss." Ye Sha acknowledged as he kept the half piece of jade safely away. His tall figure then quickly faded away into the darkness, his presence dissipating away altogether.

    Jun Wu Yao looked at Jun Wu Xie sitting inside the cell, very much at ease. He was just about to open the cell door and get cosy with his little one when the sound of footsteps caused him to have no choice but to retract his actions.

    "Looks like someone will not stop coming to court death." Jun Wu Yao said, his voice tinted with a slight tinge of regret.

    Jun Wu Xie shrugged her shoulders, her eyes seeing Jun Wu Yao off as he disappeared without a trace right before her eyes.

    The footsteps came in closer and closer and Jun Wu Xie gave the little black cat in her arms a pat. The little black cat then leapt out of Jun Wu Xie's arms in understanding, onto a pile of straw. It then wiggled its little behind as it dug itself under the pile of straw. Its body was tiny in size and under the dim firelight in the dungeon, it could not be seen at all.

    "Are you enjoying the taste of being in the dungeon?" Several Shadow Moon Palace disciples came to the front of the jail cell, to stare at Jun Wu Xie inside through the bars.

    Jun Wu Xie lifted up her eyelids lazily, to give the youths outside a measuring gaze.

    One indigo spirit, three blue spirits..... How dull.

    Sweeping her glance over them, Jun Wu Xie then lowered her gaze to the ground, like the few people outside are not as interesting as the dry straw upon the ground.

    Upon seeing that they were being disregarded so completely by Jun Wu Xie, the faces of the youths outside quickly became not too pretty.

    "Chang Huan, I had not thought that a chattering sissy like you would really be so treacherous, to have hidden your powers all this time, and making monkeys out of everyone? Or do you think that with your powers, no one within the palace will dare to do anything against you? Do you know that the Palace Lord has already given the order to have your status as a member of the Shadow Moon Palace rescinded? You are not just a criminal who wounded the Shadow Moon Palace's disciples, do you have still have anything to be so smug about?" One of the youths said with a sneer, his eyes dripping with venom.

    "A debt with money, a life for a life, pay for what you owe. You've wounded our fellow disciples and we are now carrying out the Palace Lord's orders to deliver the punishment. If you know what's good for you, then be cooperative and me and my brothers can make it quick for you. But if you are not willing to cooperate, when the Elders are called, it will only end up worse for you." The youths spoke one after another, constantly attempting to stir up Jun Wu Xie's emotions with their words.

    But they were all highly disappointed, as no matter what they said, Jun Wu Xie did not even look at them once from beginning to end.
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