Chapter 1787: “Conspire To Murder (1)”

    Chapter 1787: "Conspire To Murder (1)"

    The youths were getting an itch in their teeth from being completely ignored by Jun Wu Xie but did not dare to do anything too overboard, as they already knew what kind of power Jun Wu Xie now held before they came here.

    "Chang Huan! Are you even listening to what we are saying?" One of the youths opened his mouth to say in exasperation.

    Jun Wu Xie continued to act like she did not hear anything.

    "Damn it." The youths saw that Jun Wu Xie thought nothing of them at all and whatever they said to her, her ears were not hearing a single word of it. The shade of their faces then turned uglier.

    "I would really like to see how long you can continue to act tough." A youth said through narrowed eyes, a venomous glint flashing within. He raised a hand to remove a burning candle from the side and came walking over to the front of the jail cell to said sinisterly: "Since you refuse the proffered wine, then you can now only have wine as punishment."

    Upon saying that, the youth suddenly threw the candle towards the jail cell!

    The floor of the jail cell, was laid with a layer of dry straw. In the instant that the candle fell to the ground, the flame immediately lit the dry straw in the area close to it. Fiery red flames spread at an amazing speed within the entire cell, the rolling waves of heat swirling within the dark and dank dungeon, its light illuminating the filthy walls clearly on all four sides!

    The youths outside the jail cell were laughing, as they watched the flames gradually burning straight towards Jun Wu Xie, their hearts reveling in sinister evil.

    The bars of the barricades in the Shadow Moon Palace's dungeon seemed to have been made from wood, but within that outer casing of wood, it was inlaid with quite a bit of black steel. The black steel was extraordinarily hard and even a Purple Spirit would not be able to destroy it with its own strength.

    Only those who broke through to the Silver Spirit, would be able to shake it up a little.

    With Jun Wu Xie locked within the jail cell, she had no where to escape to and the youths were just waiting to see Jun Wu Xie inside the cell scream and shout in misery.

    Jun Wu Xie sat calmly in her spot, her clear gaze staring at the blaze surging towards her, and there was not the slightest bit of panic in her eyes. She merely raised her head up calmly, her gaze piercing over the fiercely burning flames, to look straight at the youths standing outside.

    "You are no longer a disciple of the Shadow Moon Palace and since you refuse to accept the Shadow Moon Palace's punishment meted out to you, then we can only make you receive another kind of special punishment. Rest assured, I have heard people saying that people who are burned to death, even when their skin had split and their flesh burst open throughout the entire body, scorched to a charred black, their consciousness will not disappear that quickly. They will struggle bitterly within the flames, and even when the body had degenerated, your consciousness will let you feel the agony clearly. Chang Huan..... You can enjoy that experience now, entertain yourself with this execution by fire! Hahaha....." The youth who set the fire laughed aloud and unbridled, the light from the fire reflected in his eyes, casting upon his eyes a layer of blazing venom.

    The other three youths were also laughing as they watched it all, not showing the least bit of pity or sympathy, like what was being burned to death was not a person, but just a dead animal.

    The fiery blaze surged towards Jun Wu Xie, seemingly about to engulf her completely in a blink, and the venom in the eyes of the youths intensified.

    But in the instant that the flames were rushing straight towards Jun Wu Xie, purple coloured spirit light suddenly exploded out from Jun Wu Xie's body!

    In that mere instant, the purple coloured spirit light covered over the entire dungeon. Under the shroud of that purple coloured spirit glow, the ravenous momentum of the roaring fire was completely suppressed, the intense flames constantly being pushed down, where in the end they were squashed flat into the ground, and extinguished.....
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