Chapter 1788: “Conspire To Murder (2)”

    Chapter 1788: "Conspire To Murder (2)"

    The four youths who were initially cackling with evil laughter suddenly found the smile at the corners of their mouths stiffen as they saw the strange scene happen before their eyes. They stared with eyes bulging wide and mouths hanging open to look at everything, unable to make themselves believe that a person could actually extinguish those raging flames with just their spirit power alone.

    The fire within the dungeon had been put out, the high temperature stifling. The dry straw that had burnt right up leaving behind ashes still present. But as for the searing flames, not even a spark remained.

    What kind of a damned spirit power was that! ?

    "Those that do not wish to die, scram the hell out." Jun Wu Xie said as she slowly lifted her eyes up, the icy gaze sweeping over the youths outside one by one, a chill shooting right through their entire bodies from those words.

    Many people looked up to the Purple Spirit, and knew of the Purple Spirit's strong might. But they all lacked experience in battling a Purple Spirit and hence did not have a deep understanding of the actual might of a Purple Spirit.

    Although Jun Wu Xie was sitting inside the jail cell now, but if she wished, even without moving from the spot she sat at, she would be able to send those four morons straight into Hell.

    The several youths felt their skin crawl under Jun Wu Xie's icy gaze and the original glee and arrogance had seeped right out of them without a single trace left. The spirit power that had been able to encompass the entire dungeon, was thick and robust. Although they had been standing outside the jail cell earlier, but when the Purple Spirit power had suppressed the flames, the spirit power had reached highly close to them, separated only by that seemingly not to strong bars.

    It would only need to flare out a little bit further, and that spirit power would have been able to engulf them all within.

    At that moment, the hearts of the youths were filled with fear.

    "Chang..... Chang Huan..... Do be too full of yourself yet! There's got to be someone who will be able to deal with you. You are now just a lowly prisoner of the Shadow Moon Palace!" The youth was almost scared out of his mind but he put on a brave front and said those threatening words, but the pale pallor of his face and the slight trembling of his legs betrayed his heart's true feelings.

    The four of them did not dare to remain there another moment, immediately scurrying their way out after throwing out those spiteful words.

    Inside the dungeon, silence fell once again like it had been before, where even the wailing prisoners clamped their mouths shut.

    The little black cat came scuttling out from under the straw it had dug itself into, the dried grass stuck among its thick and fluffy fur. It then shook it body, to shake the straw loose.


    [That Elder Ying did not keep his word. Didn't he say that all you need to do is just to remain in here and it will be fine? How could he allow the Shadow Moon Palace Lord to kick you out of the Shadow Moon Palace?]

    The little black cat leapt into Jun Wu Xie's arms. It was a spirit body, and the kind of damage fire could inflict on it was insignificant.

    "I have not been kicked out of the Shadow Moon Palace." Jun Wu Xie said as she raised up a hand, to carefully pick out one by one, the fine remnants of the straw that was hidden under the little black cat's fur.


    [Not kicked out? Then why would those few brats say that just now?]

    The little black cat muttered, as it swished its tail.

    "They wanted me to believe it, and accept what they claimed to be my punishment." Jun Wu Xie said, the corners of her mouth curling up, to draw a sneer across her face.


    [What does that mean?]

    "If the Shadow Moon Palace Lord is not an idiot, then he would not kick a disciple who holds higher power than Yue Yi out of the Shadow Moon Palace." Jun Wu Xie said.

    The Shadow Moon Palace might among the Twelve Palaces was on the lower end and they had not been able to get themselves any suitable candidates in the last Battle of Deities Grand Meet. The reason Elder Yue had wanted to be able to control Yue Yi so much was because of Yue Yi's gift, who had already surpassed his use as an ordinary target to toy with. He seeked not only to control Yue Yi, but to also make use of Yue Yi's worth.
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