Chapter 1789: “Conspire To Murder (3)”

    Chapter 1789: "Conspire To Murder (3)"

    Yue Yi had still not been able to gain the recognition of the Shadow Moon Palace, then would "Chang Huan" who held a higher level of power than Yue Yi be able to do it?

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord would not possibly want to kill a disciple who held so much potential to be able to fight the other palaces unless he wished for the Shadow Moon Palace to continue to decline.


    [You are saying, those scoundrels were just lying? They came here only to find trouble with you?]

    Jun Wu Xie nodded.

    "They must have come here under orders. If the Shadow Moon Palace really wanted to punish me, they would get the disciples guarding the dungeon to carry it out, and not just send a few young teenagers here, which is not in accordance to the rules." Jun Wu Xie just thought that it was all too laughable. Just how badly was the other party disregarding her intelligence?

    All the palaces had disciples who were in charge of meting out punishments and if someone committed a wrong, those disciples would then be the ones carrying it out, and not just randomly find a few people to do it.

    "Moreover, those few youths had obviously seemed to look rather guilty. Although the words that came out of their mouths were haughty and arrogant, but they had not dared to open the cell door at that time, showing that they were afraid that I would sense something amiss after getting out, and inflict harm upon them." Jun Wu Xie said, as she stroked at the little black cat's smooth fur.

    Hearing that, the little black cat immediately understood the subtlety within.


    [Who would want to kill you?]

    "Besides him..... Who else is there?" Jun Wu Xie said indifferently.

    The several youths ran out from the dungeon like they were running for their lives, and after coming out from the dungeon, a figure appeared before their eyes.

    When the youths saw the figure, they immediately stood in their spots, not daring to make any careless movements. "Elder Yue."

    Elder Yue creased up his brows in a frown and stared at the several pale faced youths. "Has the deed been done?"

    The youths turned to look at each other, and their faces twisted up mournfully, but could do nothing but shake their heads silently.

    "Good for nothings! He is now imprisoned inside the dungeon and all of you are not even able to teach him a good lesson? Of what use are the whole lot of you! ?" Elder Yue berated, his eyes glaring at them in rage.

    "Elder Yue..... It's..... It's not that we do not want to follow your orders, but..... but that kid Chang Huan seems to have completely changed into another person. Besides having become much more daring, his strikes have also grown to become highly vicious. We followed what you said to us and told him that he has already been kicked out of the Shadow Moon Palace but he did not show the tiniest bit of reaction. When we told him to come out, he just sat there, not moving in the slightest, and not even bothering with us at all. In the end, we did not dare to release him and we came up with a way to set fire to the jail cell, but....." One of the youths said highly mournfully, telling Elder Yue about everything that had happened in the dungeon earlier.

    The more Elder Yue listened, the uglier the expression on his face became.

    To be able to use her spirit power to extinguish the roaring flames, it could be seen to what level of skill Jun Wu Xie had perfected her control of her spirit powers to. Such precise control and adaptability, was not something that could be achieved overnight.

    Elder Yue had initially been highly suspicious on how "Chang Huan" had suddenly become so highly skilled and had thought that Elder Ying must have relied on some secret method from his family clan to help "Chang Huan" attain that power. But now it seemed like "Chang Huan" had possessed that kind of power for a long time.

    "I really hadn't thought that that kid would be so crafty." Elder Yue said as he clenched his jaws hard discreetly. Thinking back to how Elder Ying had in the palace hall changed the Palace Lord's impression of "Chang Huan" with just a few flowery words, Elder Yue's heart grew to become more anxious.

    Yue Yi was a bargaining chip he held in his hand, which had brought him quite a bit of benefits. But now that Elder Ying had Jun Wu Xie, the state of affairs in the Shadow Moon Palace had turned into a different situation.
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