Chapter 1790: “Conspire To Murder (4)”

    Chapter 1790: "Conspire To Murder (4)"

    "That right..... Who would have thought that Chang Huan would hide such a hand. He had all of us completely fooled." One of the youth said nodding his head vehemently.

    "It's true. He was not even able to defeat me in the past and does not retaliate no matter how much we admonish or beat him, always putting on that smiling face before us. But now, he acts mighty peculiar, and so unbelievably arrogant....."

    In the past, Chang Huan could be said to be very easily bullied in the Shadow Moon Palace. With that mouth that spouted flattery and licked boots all the time, he came to latch onto a large thigh that was Elder Ying, which caused quite a number of disciples to hold him in contempt. But who would have thought, that the weak and hypocritical Chang Huan would turn out to be secretly hiding such a big trump card.

    "Alright, all of you can go now. Today's incident, take it as it never happened before. If I come to hear any news of today's events, all of you can forget about continuing to remain here in the Shadow Moon Palace." Elder Yue said sinisterly.

    The youths quickly acknowledged  and then ran away as fast as they could with their heads lowered.

    Elder Yue's mood plummeted down into the bottom of the gorge. Jun Wu Xie was currently still imprisoned in the dungeon. It might not be that obvious yet, but once Jun Wu Xie was allowed to walk out of the dungeon alive, then Elder Ying's authourity would quickly climb and grow in influence.

    That was a point that Elder Yue could not help but worry about.

    With the kind of power Jun Wu Xie held, even if Yue Yi were to strike, it was still impossible to get rid of Jun Wu Xie. And Elder Yue was not willing to strike with his own hand, as once he did that, the Palace Lord would immediately be able to detect that something was odd, and he would not be able to find an excuse to brush it all off.

    But, Elder Yue would definitely still not allow Jun Wu Xie to walk out from that dungeon alive.

    When mealtime came, the jailors sent food to every prisoners within the jail cells. A few steamed buns were placed at Jun Wu Xie's cell and the jailor who brought the things in left immediately after putting the things down, like he had not noticed that Jun Wu Xie's cell was filled with scorch marks left behind from a big fire at all.

    Jun Wu Xie brought the buns in and sniffed at them, and her eyes flashed with a chill before she went on to calmly eat them quietly, a bite at a time.

    The jailor who was hidden in the shadows watched Jun Wu Xie swallow the bun, and then immediately went running out, straight towards Elder Yue's courtyard.

    At that moment, Elder Yue was seated in his study, telling Yue Yi about some things. When he saw the jailor rushing in, he halted his conversation with Yue Yi, and Yue Yi silently retreated to one side.

    "Reporting to Elder Yue. Chang Huan has eaten it."

    Elder Yue arched up an eyebrow, his face breaking into a smile.

    "Did you see him swallow it down with your own eyes?"

    The jailor replied: "I saw with him swallow half a bun with my own eyes and after eating it, he did not discover anything amiss."

    Elder Yue nodded his head in satisfaction, and then dismissed the jailor with a wave of his hand.

    Waiting till the jailor had left, Elder Yue sank himself into the back of his chair and crossed his arms over his abdomen, his face filled with smiles.

    But Yue Yi's emotions had become highly conflicted inside. Having served under Elder Yue for so long, he knew Elder Yue's methods better than anyone else, and the jailor's words earlier had made his heart jump.

    "Elder Yue." Yue Yi could not help himself as he said.

    "Hm?" Elder Yue was seemingly in a rather good mood.

    "You want to get rid of "Chang Huan"?" Yue Yi pushed down the anxiety in his heart, looking like he was just asking casually.

    Elder Yue then said sneeringly: "If I do not get rid of him now, should I then wait till he comes out of that dungeon, and boosts up Elder Ying's influence?"

    Yue Yi's heart turned cold.

    Elder Yue then said: "The kid's powers had indeed been beyond anything I expected. I had sent people there to make him suffer some pain, but I had not thought that he would be so sharp, and not fall for it."
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