Chapter 1791: “Conspire To Murder (5)”

    Chapter 1791: "Conspire To Murder (5)"

    "But he's afterall still too young and no matter how meticulous that mind of his is, he's still too green. He might have been able to avoid the punishment, but hasn't he still ended up eating that bun spiked with poison? Haha....." Elder Yue was feeling mighty pleased with his scheme.

    To make someone die without a trace, he had many methods at his disposal.

    "Poisoned bun? But Purple Spirits by themselves possess a certain level of resistance against poison....." Yue Yi's heart was already filled with fear, his fists secretly clenched up but not allowing his face to show the slightest bit of nervousness.

    As one's spirit cultivation grew higher and higher, the spirit power that infused the entire body's organs provided them with a strong protection, where even if they were to ingest poisoned things, the effects of the poison would be greatly weaker than it would be for regular people.

    The reason why Purple Spirits are considered to be highly powerful, besides the fact their battle prowess was greatly elevated, would be the many other minute changes that came together with it. The extension of their lifespans and the transformations in their bodies' constitution were be the more obvious changes among them.

    Hence, to want to kill a Purple Spirit, if one seeked to succeed in it with poison, would only stand a chance only by finding a highly lethal poison, or otherwise, all regular poisons would not be enough to kill a Purple Spirit at all!

    Elder Yue glanced over at Yue Yi, and said with a sneer: "Do you think I will not know that? What I gave him, isn't any regular poison, but something that is concocted with the Soul Severing Flower. Not to mention that he is merely a Purple Spirit. Even when a Silver Spirit ingests that drug, would not be able to walk out of that dungeon alive."

    "Soul Severing Flower....." Yue Yi's eyes quaked with shock!

    The Soul Severing Flower was a poisonous flower that grew in the Middle Realm. Not only its petals were poisonous, even its roots contained lethal poison. No need to even talk about ingesting such a flower, even if one had only swallowed water that had its petals soaked in them before would cause a person to bleed through the seven orifices to result in death!

    In the place where the Soul Severing Flower grew, besides anything of the same species to the Soul Severing Flowers, no other plant life could survive. One would only need to plant one seed on Soul Severing Flower within a forest, and it would not take long before all plant life closest to the Soul Severing Flower would quickly wither.....

    But as this type of flower was too vicious, it was very rare even within the Middle Realm, hard to seek for, and Yue Yi had only ever heard of it himself.

    But Yue Yi had never ever thought that Elder Yue would use the Soul Severing Flower to deal with Jun Wu Xie!

    At that moment, Yue Yi's heart jumped straight up into the back of his throat.

    "Once that Chang Huan is dead, I would like to see for how much longer Elder Ying can continue to be wrapped up in his glee!" Elder Yue said with his eyes narrowing up sinisterly. "That old dog is rather smart though, to know that he had to get Chang Huan to hide his powers, to act like a fool that deceived everyone in the palace."

    From the beginning, Elder Yue had never suspected that "Chang Huan" had been switched with an imposter.

    Yue Yi's mind was whirling from what he had heard and he was unable to say a single word.

    "Elder Yue, the Palace Lord asks for you to go over." Right at that moment, a Shadow Moon Palace guard came into Elder Yue's study.

    "I've got it." Elder Yue nodded his head, and immediately stood up.

    "I'm going to see the Palace Lord. You go back and get some rest for now. Your injuries have not fully healed so don't go to Little Ye's courtyard yet, lest she gets worried when she sees you in such a state." Elder Yue ordered.

    "Yes....." Yue Yi fought back the rage rising up within him, and answered in a low voice.

    Elder Yue glanced at Yue Yi, and did not notice anything unusual. He then got up and followed the guard out. Elder Yue's front foot had just stepped out not long and Yue Yi was already searching frantically through the study. After managing to find a wooden box, he immediately hugged it and rushed towards the dungeon!
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