Chapter 1792: “Conspire To Murder (6)”

    Chapter 1792: "Conspire To Murder (6)"

    Yue Yi sprinted as fast as he could the entire way, till he reached outside the dungeon. Before he went into the dungeon, he forced a mask of calm upon his face and hid the wooden box properly away, before he went walking inside.

    "Junior Yue Yi, what brings you here?" The jailor quickly hurried forward to greet, when he saw Yue Yi.

    Who in the Shadow Moon Palace didn't know that Yue Yi was Elder Yue's adopted grandson?

    Elder Yue had no children of his own, and only had two grandchildren Yue Yi and Yue Ye. Seeking to win the favour of Elder Yue, many people in the palace would treat Yue Yi highly politely.

    Yue Yi nodded his head coldly.

    "Grandfather asked me to come take a look. If there is nothing, do not let anyone come disturb me." Yue Yi said.

    "Yes, yes. Junior Yue Yi, you just take your time. I will now go to the entrance and keep a lookout for you. If any of Elder Ying's people come, I will help you hold them off." The jailor thought Yue Yi had come under Elder Yue's orders, to see how miserable Jun Wu Xie was, as he quickly complied.

    Yue Yi grunted in approval, and then walked himself towards the cell Jun Wu Xie was in.

    In the dark and dank dungeon, a moldy smell hung in the air. This place was rather unfamiliar to Yue Yi as with Elder Yue around, he had almost never come to the dungeon before.

    The path within the dungeon was clearly very short, but Yue Yi seemed to feel every single he took was pure torture. He was afraid. Afraid that he would be met with a scene that would make him crumble.

    "Why have you come?" A slightly cold voice suddenly rang out within the quiet dungeon.

    Yue Yi drew in a deep breath, and turned his head around to seek out the voice.

    In a scorched and blackened jail cell, Yue Yi saw the shape of a familiar figure.

    Jun Wu Xie wa seated upon the dry straw, safe and sound, as she stared calmly at Yue Yi.

    "You're alright?" Yue Yi was slightly taken aback, as he stared at the perfectly fine Jun Wu, his eyes showing a tint of surprise.

    The Soul Severing Flower poison takes effect very quickly and Jun Wu Xie should be affected by the poison by this time but he did not detect a single trace of anything unusual on Jun Wu Xie.

    "What can happen to me?" Jun Wu Xie asked, lifting an eyebrow slightly as she stared at the rather pale Yue Yi.

    Yue Yi immediately walked over to the bars, and squatted himself down to ask in a soft voice: "Did you eat any of the buns the jailor gave you earlier?"

    Jun Wu Xie nodded.

    Yue Yi took a deep breath, and immediately pulled out the wooden box he had hidden away, and pushed it on the floor to the side of Jun Wu Xie's feet.

    "That jailor is one of Elder Yue's people and he took Elder Yue's orders to slip poison into your food. I know that you are skilled in Medicine but that poison isn't any regular kind of poison. It is concocted from the Soul Severing Flower and the Soul Severing Flower is lethally poisonous, where even a Silver Spirit would not be able to withstand against its effects. I do not know where he has hidden the antidote. There are many bottles here and since you know Medicine, search through them quickly to see if the antidote is there." Although Yue Yi had already lowered his voice down by quite a lot, he was still not able to hide his anxiety and nervousness.

    Jun Wu Xie looked at Yue Yi's taut and highly stiffened face and then lowered her head as she opened the wooden box by her foot. A whole bunch of bottles and flasks had been stuffed into the wooden box and she opened them up one by one to sniff at them before she placed them back.

    "How? Is the antidote there?" Yue Yi asked anxiously.

    "There isn't an antidote, but I found the poison that you mentioned." Jun Wu Xie said as she pulled out a red medicine bottle.

    Yue Yi almost fell before Jun Wu Xie's knees.

    "Why would you look for the poison? You..... Is the antidote really not in there?" Yue Yi was almost frantic with anxiety as no one could be certain when the poison in Jun Wu Xie's body will take effect and he was feeling highly worried.

    "No." Jun Wu Xie said with a shrug of her shoulders.

    "Then I'll go back and search again. You wait here!" Yue Yi said, already about to get up.

    "No need." Jun Wu Xie said suddenly instead.
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