Chapter 1793: “Conspire To Murder (7)”

    Chapter 1793: "Conspire To Murder (7)"

    Yue Yi stared in incomprehension at Jun Wu. [The Soul Severing Flower's poison was so strongly lethal. How could he still be so calm?]

    Jun Wu Xie did not answer directly but closed the wooden box before returning it to Yue Yi.

    "Young Master Jun..... What are you doing?" Yue Yi asked a little anxiously.

    Jun Wu Xie then answered indifferently. "The poison has no effect on me."

    "?" "no effect?" Yue Yi's eyes opened wide.

    With how lethal the Soul Severing Flower's poison was, without the antidote, only the Medical Saint would be able to treat it. As for how good Jun Wu's medical skills were, Yue Yi wasn't too clear about that. But there was one point that Yue Yi knew very well. Throughout the Middle Realm, only one person had attained the rank of Medical Saint. With Jun Wu being so young, even if he possessed outstanding gift for Medicine and had learnt it from young, it would still be difficult for him to reach the realm of a Medical Saint.

    "Child's play like this, is not even worth my notice." Jun Wu Xie said with a shrug of her shoulders. When she picked up the steamed bun, she had already detected something unusual about it. That a cold and dried up bun would give off a tint of sweet fragrance was not normal in the least. Moreover, Jun Wu Xie's level of familiarity towards herbs had far surpassed anyone's knowledge where with just a slight whiff, she was already able to determine what had been added into it.

    Yue Yi was suddenly at a loss for words. He would never have thought that the Soul Severing Flower whose name by itself struck terror in the hearts of men..... when it went into Jun Wu Xie's mouth, it would be termed as..... child's play.....

    If not for the fact he knew Jun Wu's style of doing things, Yue Yi would really think that Jun Wu was just joking with him.

    "You're..... sure..... that the poison has no effect on you?" Yue Yi was still a little worried.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded.

    Yue Yi fell silent for a while before he said: "Then you just be careful yourself. Elder Yue is seeking to have you dead. Having failed today, he will surely think of more ways to make another attempt in the days to come, so you must be careful. I can see that Elder Ying is rather protective of you and it is said that he said quite a few good things about you before the Palace Lord. The Palace Lord wants to let bygones be bygones and most probably would not pursue you to take any responsibility. Ask Elder Ying to get you out of here as soon as possible or Elder Yue will definitely scheme up more ways to get rid of you."

    "If he possess that kind of capability, he can come try it anytime." Jun Wu Xie said calmly.

    Jun Wu Xie's calm had an effect on Yue Yi's heart. The anxiety and fluster he had been feeling gradually dissipated under Jun Wu Xie's influence.

    "Yue Yi." Jun Wu Xie said suddenly.


    "Who tends to the flowerbeds in your younger sister's courtyard?" For some unknown reason, Jun Wu Xie suddenly asked about this.

    Yue Yi was taken aback and he thought about it a moment before he said: "Those flowerbeds were initially taken care of by the Shadow Moon Palace's gardeners but as Yue Ye has been rather weak from young, she mostly does not leave her courtyard all that much at all. She has always liked flowers and plants so she started to tend to those flowerbeds from a few years ago. Young Master Jun should have seen it yourself. The plants and flowers in those flowerbeds in her courtyard are a little messy, filled with all kinds of variety. She had planted all those by herself."

    When speaking about his sister, Yue Yi's eyes became a lot more gentle.

    Jun Wu Xie just listened quietly, her eyes looking so deep her thoughts were completely indiscernible.

    "Alright, I should be getting back as well. Elder Yue was summoned by the Palace Lord and I brought this here while he was not around. I have to bring it back before he returns." Yue Yi saw that Jun Wu Xie was fine and his heart became more relieved.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded. Yue Yi thought he should not stay any longer and he kept the wooden box away, bringing it along with him as he left the dungeon.
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