Chapter 1794: “Taken Ill (1)”

    Chapter 1794: "Taken Ill (1)"

    In the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's sleeping chambers, a heart tearing coughing reverberated within the vast chambers as the slight scent of blood tinged the air.

    "My Lord!" Elder Yue came rushing inside, led by a disciple, his heart turning cold a notch when he saw the scene within the palatial chambers.

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord was lying upon the bed and coughing very hard, the water within the bronze basin placed by the bed already stained the colour of blood, and more blood stains dotted the floor as well, a highly shocking sight to look upon.

    The Shadow Moon Palace's physicians were all watching over the Palace Lord at the side, their faces nervous and anxious. Besides the sound of that vehement hacking cough, no other sound could be heard in the palatial chambers.

    "My Lord, what happened to you?" Elder Yue went forward anxiously.

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord had just wanted to open his mouth to say something when that life sucking cough struck once again to interrupt the words he had not yet spoken.

    Elder Yue's brows furrowed together as he raised his eyes to stare at the bunch of physicians standing at the side.

    "You bunch of good for nothings! Having treated it for so long, why is the Lord's condition not showing any improvement?"

    With that roar from Elder Yue, all the physicians within the chambers immediately fell to their knees in a neat row, their bodies shaking in fear and their faces pale.

    "El..... Elder Yue, we have tried our best. But my Lord's illness strikes highly unpredictably and relapses often. We really..... do not know of a better way." An elderly physician began to say in a stutter.

    To treat this illness for the Shadow Moon Palace Lord, in the eyes of the bunch of physicians, definitely posed to be a great deal of psychological pressure on them, as the slightest bit of carelessness might very well cost them their very lives.

    "An entire bunch of useless trash!" Elder Yue glared angrily at all of them.

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord's illness was strange to say the least. He was supposed to be at the prime of his age, and his spirit power cultivation was not low in anyway. It could be said that the current Palace Lord had Elder Yue watch him grow up, and he had not suffered from much illnesses or calamities. He had enjoyed robust health all this while but for some unknown reason, starting from just the recent past few years, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's health had been deteriorating by the day, where he frequently coughed till he vomited blood. But at the times when the illness did not strike, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord would be like someone perfectly healthy, besides just the pallor of his face not looking too good, there weren't any other problems. And when it struck, no matter how much medicine was used, it was extremely hard to suppress it in the slightest.

    For that, Elder Yue had brought in quite a number of famous physicians but they had not been able to locate the cause.

    The whole bunch of white haired physicians trembled violently from that shout.

    "Hadn't it gotten better for some time already? Why has it now suddenly relapsed?" Elder Yue's face was enraged. Because the Shadow Moon Palace Lord had been unwell, hence everything from food, clothing, residence to places he went were given the utmost attention. The food and cuisine was prepared by specialized disciples daily and only the best ingredients from the best sources were picked. Even the incense that used to be burnt in the Palace Lord's sleeping chambers had now been thrown out.

    Having avoided any possibility that could have brought about the illness, the chances of a relapse of the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's illness still had not decreased, seeing it happen once or twice every single week.

    "This..... We really do not know why....." The bunch of physicians were almost frightened into tears.

    Elder Yue's demeanor did not warm up in the slightest as his gaze swept one round within the sleeping chambers, suddenly discovering a little tiny figure that had been all but forgotten by everyone.

    Yue Ye had her head shrunk in her shoulders timidly as she stood in a corner of the sleeping chambers. Because everyone else was busy attending to the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's illness, no one had noticed that there was this little figure still within the vast sleeping chambers.

    Elder Yue's gaze glanced around and saw all the physicians had their heads lowered, even daring to make a single sound. He then went walking without attracting any attention towards the corner that Yue Ye was at.
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