Chapter 1795: “Taken Ill (2)”

    Chapter 1795: "Taken Ill (2)"

    Elder Yue's gaze glanced around and saw all the physicians had their heads lowered, even daring to make a single sound. He then went walking without attracting any attention towards the corner that Yue Ye was at.

    Yue Ye saw Elder Yue walking towards her and her face paled, quickly lowering her head.

    "Why did the Palace Lord suddenly suffer a relapse?" Elder Yue asked in a suppressed whisper.

    "I..... I don't know..... My Lord was perfectly fine at first, and I do not know what happened when suddenly....." Yue Ye bit her lip, her tiny frame trembling in fear.

    "At that time, besides you and the Palace Lord, was there anyone else in the sleeping chambers?" Elder Yue asked as he looked at Yue Ye. From the time he sent Yue Ye to the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's palace, Yue Ye had not left here.

    Yue Ye shook her head.

    "Did the Lord eat anything just before the relapse?" Elder Yue went on to ask.

    Yue Ye shook her head.

    "Alright. There nothing here you can do. Go back first. Do not tell your elder brother you came to the Palace Lord's chambers. Understand?"

    Elder Yue's voice was tinged with a slight chill.

    Yue Ye nodded her head obediently. Under Elder Yue's instructions, she quietly retreated from the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's sleeping chambers.

    For the entire way as Yue Ye left the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's chambers, she kept her head lowered and did not lift it.

    Disciples of the Shadow Moon Palace who were passing by secretly stared at Yue Ye as she passed before them, their gazes subtle.

    "Little Ye, why are you..... Here?" Having just put the wooden box back to Elder Yue's study, Yue Yi had not thought that he would bump into his younger sister on his way back.

    Yue Ye jumped slightly in surprise, not expecting it.

    "Big Brother." Yue Ye called out softly.

    "Why? Are you not feeling well? The colour on your face doesn't look good." Yue Yi noticed that the pallor on his younger sister's face was a little strange and he could not help but ask in concern.

    Yue Ye shook her head.

    "It's nothing. I was just thinking of asking for some seeds from the gardeners. I just cleared up a little space a few days ago and was thinking what I should plant there." Yue Ye said with a sweet smile upon her face, which almost melted Yue Yi's heart.

    Knowing that his sister liked all these plants and flowers, Yue Yi did not think any further about it, but just said indulgently: "If there is any kind of seeds you want, just tell me and I'll help you get them. Your body's a little weak, so don't move about so much."

    Yue Yi's gaze was filled with concern under that care and concern, it was underlined with a tinge of worry.

    As Yue Ye grew in age, although not yet blossomed fully into a young lady, she already showed small signs of becoming a beauty that would bring down nations. And as to what kind of a place the Shadow Moon Palace was, Yue Yi knew it better than anyone else. Not just Elder Yue alone, but a large number of the Shadow Moon Palace's disciples were not all that decent in the least. Yue Ye was still so young, and if she came to be bullied by any of them, there was not much she would be able to do against them.

    Unable to bear having her own sister suffer any kind of hardship, Yue Yi's heart was constantly wrecked with worry.

    "Mm! Big Brother just came back from the Pure Grace Palace not too long ago and needs to get some proper rest as well. Do not push yourself too hard or Little Ye will be worried." Yue Ye said as she lifted up her tiny face, to look at the elder brother who was the only person they had to mutually rely upon in this life.

    Yue Yi nodded his head. With a sister like this, how could he not want to strive for a better life for the two of them? He was feeling very grateful that he had met Jun Wu as Jun Wu was the one who had enlightened him, to not let himself to continue to dwell in despondency.

    He still had people she wanted to protect, and he needed to remain strong to live on!

    The siblings spoke for a little while more before they went along on their separate ways.

    After Yue Ye walked away for a distance, she turned her head back to look at Yue Yi's back, and a strange look flashed briefly within her clear eyes.
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