Chapter 1797: “Zhan Family Clan (1)”

    Chapter 1797: "Zhan Family Clan (1)"

    Outside the window, the moon shone bright and clear and Elder Ying sipped lightly at his drink as he gazed at the moon, the corners of his lips tightened stiffly, his eyes deep.

    At that moment within the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's sleeping chambers, the large number of Elders were crowded before the Palace Lord's bed eagerly ingratiating themselves. However, among all those people, Elder Ying was not included.

    Admiring the view of the moon outside, a shadow of a figure suddenly appeared in Elder Ying's sight.

    "You've come." Elder Ying's mouth curled up into a smile, as he swirled the wine in his cup, not surprised in the least by the person who appeared.

    Jun Wu Xie went walking inside silently and sat down on a chair beside Elder Ying, to place a palm sized brocade box upon the table. With a light push of her fingertips, she pushed it right across to Elder Ying.

    Elder Ying's eyebrow lifted. "You've found it?"

    "Have a look and you'll know." Jun Wu Xie did not answer directly.

    Elder Ying raised a hand and pressed it upon the brocade box, his gaze fixed upon Jun Wu Xie.

    "I was thinking that you would still need a period of time before you would be able to locate the thing that I want, but you have come back here so soon?" Elder Ying was slightly taken aback. Elder Yue kept a very tight rein over the security of his courtyard. Elder Ying had thought up all kinds of ways in the past and it was even with the assistance of Chang Yuan with such deft hands but they had still not been able to find the item he wanted in Elder Yue's courtyard. Every time a chance came up, they were always unable to complete the task due to having insufficient time.

    He would never have thought that Jun Wu Xie would use just half a day's time to resolve a problem he had faced for many years.

    "Aren't you going to take a look?" Jun Wu Xie asked, her head tilted as she looked at Elder Ying.

    Elder Ying took the item but was in no hurry to open it up to see it. The hand he had pressed upon the brocade box might seem nonchalant, but Jun Wu Xie could feel his anxiety.

    He seemed to be afraid of the item in the brocade box.

    That jade pendant to him, must hold great meaning to him.

    Elder Ying took a deep breath, his gaze fixed upon the brocade box, his knuckles turned slightly white from tension as he slowly opened up the brocade box.

    In the brocade box, two jade pieces neatly cut apart lay quietly within. The two jade pieces had been placed joined together, leaving only a thin line through the middle where it was cut apart.

    With just one glance, the blood faded from Elder Ying's face completely, his deep eyes hiding the surging tide within, his breathing becoming sluggish.

    This was a reaction that people showed when they were under extreme shock or rage.....

    "Ha..... Hahaha..... What a great Shadow Moon Palace, what a great Elder Yue..... Hahaha....." All of a sudden, Elder Ying threw his head back and laughed. Not the slightest bit of joy in that laughter could be heard, but just rage that chilled a person's heart.

    When one goes beyond rage, one laughs instead, as it was usually said.

    Elder Ying grasped the two jade pieces within his hand, gripping them tightly within his palm. He continued to laugh out loud, his hand tightening its grip little by little, and bright red blood droplets dripped from his hand.

    After continuing to laugh for a long while, Elder Ying's laughter suddenly stopped. He lowered his head, his eyes turned bloodshot, that glaringly red pair of eyes staring unwaveringly at the blood stained jade pendant in his palm, those frightening eyes of his hiding grief and despair underneath.

    "Kid, do you know the origins of this jade pendant?" Elder Yue's voice was a little hoarse, sounding highly repressed.

    "I do not know." Jun Wu Xie had studied the jade pendant, but she did not find anything peculiar about it, and even Ye Sha had not known anything about the jade pendant.

    "Do you know of the Zhan Family Clan?" Elder Ying lifted his eyes, to look at Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie shook her head.

    Elder Ying then said with a bitter smile: "My real name is Zhan Miao, the Zhan Family Clan's current Family Head. Our Zhan Family Clan had been in existence from a few thousand years ago in the Middle Realm and the successive generations of people in our clan had witnessed with their own eyes the changes the Middle Realm had undergone."
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