Chapter 1798: “Zhan Family Clan (2)”

    Chapter 1798: "Zhan Family Clan (2)"

    The Zhan Family Clan was one of the oldest clans in the Middle Realm that had enjoyed grandeur for a time when even before the Nine Temples and the Twelve Palaces had been founded, they had gained a little fame for themselves. With the passing of time, the Zhan Family Clan had over the long winding river of time's passage accumulated through generation after generation of its descendants, a highly impressive collection of treasures in their possession. And it was because of the large number of secret treasures they had, that the Zhan Family Clan had a unique cultivation method for spirit powers, where few within the Middle Realm dared to antagonize them.

    Although the Zhan Family Clan was not able to dominate the Middle Realm, they still possess the ability to protect themselves.

    After the Nine Temples and the Twelve Palaces were founded, the Middle Realm fell into endless fighting and strife, where wars were waged incessantly. The Zhan Family Clan only protected themselves, taking a detached stance and did not partake in any fighting.

    The Zhan Family Clan had once had its time of glory but after that, their numbers grew thin and when it reached Zhan Miao's generation, he was the only heir among three generations, where even his grandfather's generation only had his father as the only heir, without having even one sister.

    The Zhan Family Clan had always maintained a low profile but for some unknown reason, the generations of Family Heads had died before they were advanced in age and the offsprings they left behind were few. When it came to Zhan Miao, he enjoyed conjugal bliss with his wife for more than ten years and it was when he reached close to forty before he had a son, and his wife had passed away due to complications during childbirth.

    Leaving behind only one son, Zhan Qu.

    Zhan Miao had not remarried as he still missed his deceased wife and he focused only on bringing up and teaching his son Zhan Qu.

    "Zhan Qu is my only son, and the future successor of the Zhan Family Clan. Our Zhan Family Clan has a family rule, that we are not to join any other powers, and are not to have any dealings with other powers....." When speaking till that point, Elder Ying's gaze unconsciously sank downwards.

    The Zhan Family Clan's family rules were strictly adhered to by the generations of Family Heads. This one family rule was set  and handed down by the founding ancestor of the Zhan Family Clan and they did not know in detail why that was so but they just followed the ancestor's will.

    But when on that day Zhan Qu brought back a beautiful girl and told Elder Ying that he wanted to marry the girl to be his wife, Elder Ying was initially ecstatic, until..... Elder Ying came to know that the girl was from the Nine Temples, and he flew into a quaking rage.

    Because of the family's teachings, Elder Ying was highly against Zhan Qu's marriage with the girl and tried to force them to sever their relationship completely.

    Zhan Qu resisted it endlessly where in the end, he did not hesitate to sever his ties with the Zhan Family Clan and brought the girl to go far far away.

    When he was leaving, Elder Ying had a big fight with Zhan Qu and Elder Ying cut through the jade pendant that was the Zhan Family Clan's heirloom handed down through the generations and the broken jade pendant was taken away by Zhan Qu.

    It was several years after Zhan Qu left that the rage in Elder Ying's heart finally subsided bit by bit and when he looked at the empty Zhan Family Clan, he kept thinking back on whether he might have done wrong. Why must he force his only son away just because of the family's teachings?

    Remorse spread within Elder Ying's heart and in the fifth year after his son left, people from the Shadow Moon Palace found him and also handed one half of the jade pendant over to Elder Ying.

    It was at that moment that Elder Ying came to know that his son Zhan Qu had died three years ago and Zhan Qu's wife's and his child's whereabouts were unknown, or whether they were dead or alive!
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