Chapter 1799: “Zhan Family Clan (3)”

    Chapter 1799: "Zhan Family Clan (3)"

    That piece of news, was like a bolt out of a clear sky, that caused Elder Ying's heart which had sunk so deep into remorse to completely crumble. He anxiously seeked out people from the Shadow Moon Palace to ask how his son had died, and where his daughter in law and his grandchild had gone.

    The people from the Shadow Moon Palace only said that they had accidently stumbled the matter and did not know much about the cause or things that happened after. Moreover, the Zhan Family Clan had no relations with the Shadow Moon Palace at all and there was no need for them to spend too much effort to help him investigate into the truth behind it.

    There was no one else in the Zhan Family Clan and even if Elder Ying wanted to investigate, he did not have enough power to do it. With the hint from the Shadow Moon Palace, Elder Ying decided to abandon his family's teachings and he joined the Shadow Moon Palace, presenting to them a whole batch of the Zhan Family Clan's secret treasures, in exchange for the Shadow Moon Palace to help him search for his daughter in law and grandchild.

    That one search continued on for a stretch of ten years. In the beginning, the Shadow Moon Palace would still send people to go search. But as time went on, that matter became old news and if not for the fact that Elder Ying sent men out on his own to go search, the entire matter would have been completely forgotten by Shadow Moon Palace.

    But after having search for so many years, Elder Ying had gotten nothing out of it, unable to find out anything about the death of his son.

    Were it not for the fact that no one could replicate the family heirloom jade, Elder Ying would  really have thought that all of that was just a scheme cooked up by the Shadow Moon Palace.

    After looking into it for so long, Elder Ying was also feeling that things were rather suspicious and he turned his sights from all over the Middle Realm onto the Shadow Moon Palace itself. Surrounding the death of his son, there were just too many mysteries. How did the Shadow Moon Palace so coincidentally see it happen? And how did the Zhan Family Clan's jade pendant come to fall into the hands of the Shadow Moon Palace? And how was the Shadow Moon Palace able to ascertain the origins of that jade pendant and come to seek him out?

    From the start, Elder Ying had been highly flustered by the death of his son. But over so many years, as he came to understand the Shadow Moon Palace more, he could not help but have a strong feeling that his son's death that many years ago was intricately linked to the Shadow Moon Palace.

    And the thing that worried him the most, was about the daughter in law and grandchild that he had never met.

    The reason that he would turn his sights inward upon Elder Yue, was because all the most insidious deeds committed by the Shadow Moon Palace were mainly all plotted by Elder Yue's hand and towards the certain kind of reprehensible habits that Elder Yue was prone to that was not know to others, Elder Yue knew about it clearly.

    It was hard for him to even imagine. If his own grandchild had fallen into that monster's hands, what kind of a pitiable state it would be!

    Elder Ying's heart had been highly conflicted. Although he wished to be able to find traces of a clue from Elder Yue's side, but he was also very worried that if he really discovered it, it would mean that his grandchild had fallen victim to Elder Yue's monstrous claws.

    All of that, made Elder Ying highly worried and torn. But when he saw the brocade box that Jun Wu Xie brought in, the highly taut string within his heart finally snapped.

    Two clear streams of tears fell from Elder Ying's eyes. He just could not accept all of this. After waiting for more than ten years, he was getting himself such a result. He just could not accept it.

    "Kid, what is your objective in coming to the Shadow Moon Palace?" Elder Ying's eyes narrowed to a slit. He held only hatred towards the Shadow Moon Palace.

    It was now clear that the Shadow Moon Palace had come to entice him to join them, was only because they were eyeing the Zhan Family Clan's treasures and unique cultivation method. Over the years, he had taken out quite a number of his clan's secret treasures to present to the Palace Lord to show his loyalty to the palace. But only he knew the level of disgust he held hidden against the Shadow Moon Palace.

    At the very moment he saw the Zhan Family Clan's jade pendant, his hatred immediately reached new heights!

    Jun Wu Xie looked at Elder Ying's eyes that were filled with nothing but pure hatred, and her eyes flashed with a glint of understanding.

    What Elder Ying seeked to do, had come to match her objective unplanned.

    "I want to destroy the Shadow Moon Palace."
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