Chapter 1800: “Poisoned (1)”

    Chapter 1800: "Poisoned (1)"

    "Haha! I just knew that a kid like you could not have come to the Shadow Moon Palace with any good intentions. But this time, what you seek to do is the same as me. Kid, are you willing to collaborate with me in this?" Elder Ying's eyes were flashing with hatred. The Shadow Moon Palace had deceived him for so long and his son's death coupled with how his daughter in law and grandchild had gone missing could possibly be the doing of the Shadow Moon Palace, Elder Ying knew that vengeance for the killing of his son would never allow them both to coexist under the same Heavens!

    "Sure." Jun Wu Xie nodded her head. If she was able to gain Elder Ying's help, she believed that things would become much simpler for her.

    "Have you been suspecting that your son's death had something to do with the Shadow Moon Palace?" Jun Wu Xie asked as she looked at Elder Ying. Elder Ying had roped in Chang Huan before this because he wanted to investigate Elder Yue and it was clear to see that Elder Ying had that guess in mind.

    Elder Ying said with a cold sneer: "I did indeed suspect as such. After I came to the Shadow Moon Palace, the more I came to know about the Shadow Moon Palace, the less I believed that they would be so kind to go inform me about the matter. Although our Zhan Family could not compare to the Twelve Palaces or the Nine Temples, but the amount of treasures we have accumulated was rather significant. Back at the time when the Dark Emperor unified the Middle Realm, the various major powers presented a highly substantial number of treasures. And with the fall of the Dark Emperor, those treasures had all been buried together with the Dark Emperor. The powers had tried in every way they could to find the Dark Emperor's tomb to gain the treasures but are all still unsuccessful till today, and have hence turned their sights upon the oldest family clans in the realm."

    Back at the time when the Dark Emperor unified the Middle Realm, the major powers were the ones who were most greatly affected but for the family clans who knew their place and behaved themselves, they did not suffer much threat or coercion from the Dark Emperor. Hence, in the Middle Realm, the Four Sides, Nine Temples and Twelve Palaces might harbour great hatred against the Dark Emperor, but to the various large family clans and regular citizens, they were in reality grateful for the appearance of the Dark Emperor.

    It was precisely because of the unification by the Dark Emperor, that the regular citizens were able to get a breather from being caught within the constant fighting between the major powers.

    As though the Dark Regions were recalcitrant, but they never harmed the innocent, where against the various large family clans and common citizens, they would never do anything to harm them without reason.

    Thus, though the Dark Emperor had fallen for so many years, but many legends of the Dark Emperor were still being spread throughout the Middle Realm. Most of these legends had come from the commoners, songs raised in praise of the Dark Emperor's valor and might.

    "About the Shadow Moon Palace Lord, you're the one responsible for the poisoning?" Jun Wu Xie suddenly asked.

    Elder Ying was slightly taken aback as he stared at Jun Wu Xie im surprise. "You're saying the Palace Lord is poisoned? It's not an illness?"

    The surprise on Elder Ying's face already told her that he knew nothing about the matter.

    Jun Wu Xie then said: "The pallor on his face is a little strange and I have some knowledge in Medicine. I can be certain that his condition is definitely due to him being poisoned, and not because of any illness."

    Jun Wu Xie had thought that Elder Ying's hatred had driven him to poison the Shadow Moon Palace Lord but it was obvious at that moment Elder Ying did not know anything about it.

    "This..... I really do not know anything about it. Although the Palace Lord looks to be amiable and friendly, but he is actually crafty and vicious. Not to mention me, even Elder Yue is not able to have much time with the Palace Lord alone. Everything from the Palace Lord's food, lodging, clothes to travel are all overseen by his trusted aide and all the Elders are not given any authourity to interfere in anyway. Even if I wanted to do that, I would not have the chance to." Elder Ying said truthfully.

    With the ongoing power struggle among the Twelve Palaces, schemes to kill the various Palace Lords were constant. Spies from other palaces were hidden within the various palaces and hence the respective Palace Lords were always highly guarded with their safety and wellbeing. Every Palace Lord would foster a batch of complete loyalists and the Palace Lord's daily life would be attended to by these people and no others would have an opportunity to stick their hand into it.
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