Chapter 1801: “Poisoned (2)”

    Chapter 1801: "Poisoned (2)"

    It was not that Elder Ying had not thought of overthrowing the Shadow Moon Palace Lord but it was just that he did not have the chance.

    Hearing Jun Wu Xie mention that the Palace Lord was poisoned, he was extremely surprised.

    "If not you, then who could it be?" Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes. Based on what Elder Ying had said, that was not his doing. But for something that even the highly revered Elder was unable to do, who else would have an opportunity to be able to strike?

    Elder Yue?

    Jun Wu Xie very quickly denied her own conjecture. Elder Yue had served several generations of Shadow Moon Palace Lords and although his personality was maniacally cruel, but his loyalty to the Shadow Moon Palace could not be doubted.

    It was not Elder Ying nor was it Elder Yue, It was also someone who held deep hatred and vengeance against the Shadow Moon Palace and was able to get close to the Shadow Moon Palace Lord. Eliminating the choices in such a manner would further reduce the number of suspects to a few.

    "Since you are able to see that the Palace Lord had been poisoned, are you able to tell what kind of a poison was used? We might be able to look into it from this direction and if that person seeks to kill the Palace Lord, that person might be able to work together with us." Elder Ying only wanted to drive the Shadow Moon Palace to destruction to avenge his son and grandchild. As long as it was an enemy of the Shadow Moon Palace, they can become his ally.

    Jun Wu Xie shook her head. "Although I am able to see that he was poisoned, but just from seeing the pallor of his face, I am not able to deduce the kind of poison he is afflicted with. I will need to look another step further into it before I will be able to tell."


    "I might be able to help you with that." Elder Ying said. "I have already mentioned about you to the Palace Lord before and it was clear that he cared quite a bit about a young Purple Spirit. So after you get out, I can bring you over there directly to have another look. But as to how you are going to look further into the poison, you will have to think of a way yourself."

    "Alright." If she was able to get close to the Shadow Moon Palace Lord, she would naturally have a way to further check on his condition.

    Elder Ying and Jun Wu Xie discussed their plans for a little while more. The flames of vengeance caused Elder Ying to no longer be sunk in sorrow. It was getting late and Elder Ying let Jun Wu Xie return to her room to rest. There was no need for her to go back to the dungeon.

    And that night, the people that Elder Yue arranged to go assassinate Jun Wu Xie found the place empty, seeing no sign of Jun Wu Xie there at all.

    Early the next morning, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's condition finally showed signs of improvement. After an entire night of agonization, the faces of the various Elders were all highly haggard. They had not been able to shut their eyes for an entire night where they had kept watch within the Palace Lord's sleeping chambers.

    Elder Yue received the news while in the palace that the assassination attempt last night had once again failed, and got to know that Jun Wu Xie was no longer in the dungeon. His face immediately turned red with anger as he turned his head to walk into the sleeping chambers and fell to his knees right before the Palace Lord's bed.

    "Reporting to my Lord! In the middle of the night yesterday, Chang Huan escaped from the dungeon on his own. Such an act has gone way against the rules. He has shown such complete disregard of everyone that he isn't even willing to accept such a light punishment for such a grave mistake, not showing the slightest gratitude towards my Lord's magnanimity and benevolence shown to him." Elder Yue exhorted as he knelt upon the floor, viciously picking on Jun Wu Xie's arrogance.

    After having been tormented by the agony of his illness, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord still felt a lingering pain in his head and was a little groggy. Suddenly hearing about such a matter caused the expression on his face to change completely immediately.

    "That Chang Huan has truly been so disrespectful?"

    "Yes! Your subordinate will not dare to deceive my Lord. Chang Huan had already committed a wrong when he wounded our palace's disciples but was fortunate to receive my Lord's benevolent mercy, by merely punishing him to self reflect in the dungeon. But he has instead shown no remorse and has now escaped out from there on his own." Elder Yue said mournfully, looking highly pained.

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord's face immediately darkened, his eyes filled with high displeasure.

    Elder Yue was secretly laughing in his heart.
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