Chapter 1802: “Poisoned (3)”

    Chapter 1802: "Poisoned (3)"

    What the personality of the Shadow Moon Palace Lord was like could not have been any clearer to Elder Yue. Although the Shadow Moon Palace needed powerful disciples, there was one prerequisite no matter how powerful the disciple was!

    And that was absolute compliance to the Palace Lord's orders!

    For Jun Wu Xie to have left the dungeon on her own, it was as good as a slap upon the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's face. The Shadow Moon Palace Lord had done away with punishment by torture purely because of the power Jun Wu Xie held and now that Jun Wu Xie had escaped from the dungeon, how could the Shadow Moon Palace Lord be able to tolerate it?

    It was completely a case of taking a foot when given an inch.

    "My Lord, Chang Huan's personality is just too arrogant and insusceptible to discipline. Although he possesses exemplary powers, but with someone so uncontrollable, if he is allowed to continue to remain in the palace, I'm afraid....." Elder Yue looked like he was hesitant to speak.

    But the unfinished words continued to prick at the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's nerves. He was prone to suspicion and especially at a time when his body was feeling unwell, the insubordination from any of the Shadow Moon Palace's disciples seemed to be a challenge to his authourity, like they were telling him that he was about done in and there was no need to pay any attention to his words.

    "Where is Chang Huan now?" The Shadow Moon Palace Lord's face had darkened completely and although his body was feeling weak, his teeth gritting hatred was highly obvious to see.

    "Your subordinate does not know." Elder Yue fought hard to contain the glee in his heart, to reply in feigned sternness.

    He had thought that Jun Wu Xie's escape from the dungeon had caused his plans to fail once more but from the way things looked now, the break out had instead angered the Palace Lord. With that, even if Elder Yue did not do anything himself, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord would not be able to tolerate such a unruly disciple who could not be controlled to continue to remain within the Shadow Moon Palace.

    "Guards! Cough cough....." With the intense rage wrecking upon his heart, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's condition that had just shown some improvement took a turn for the worse once more, intermittent coughs causing him to be unable to finish the words he wanted to say completely.

    "Go..... cough cough..... dig..... cough..... Chang Huan..... cough..... out....." The Shadow Moon Palace Lord opened his mouth to say as he wheezed heavily, before he smashed a fist onto the bedside in rage.

    "Appease your anger my Lord! Your health is more important!" Elder Yue quickly hurried to say.

    The other Elders at the side all showed high concern as well, however, there were several Elders whose faces looked a little nervous.

    They were mostly people who whom Elder Ying was friendly with, and they had naturally known about "Chang Huan's" outstanding abilities. To Elder Ying, what a fortuitous matter it was but before the joyous matter could even stabilize, such a fracas had already risen up from it. When they saw the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's face turning an uglier and uglier shade, the hearts of those Elders rose up into the back of their throats.

    Because if "Chang Huan" was silenced at that moment, Elder Ying himself would be implicated as well, and for the bunch of them at that time.....

    Thinking about that, the bunch of Elders could not themselves but cursed Jun Wu Xie a thousand times over.

    The Palace Lord had already shown him mercy by just making him reflect on himself in the dungeon, why did he choose to break out from imprisonment at such a critical juncture?

    Wasn't that rushing forward to seek death! ?

    The several Elders were feeling rather hot from anxiety but none of them dared to step up to the Shadow Moon Palace Lord to persuade him while he was seething with anger and they just stood there at the side to be eaten up with worry.

    "Guards! As per the Palace Lord's orders, immediately set forth to arrest Chang Huan! Even if you have to dig three feet into the ground, you must find that wilful and unruly kid!" Not as cowardly as the other Elders, Elder Yue immediately picked up from where the Palace Lord had left off the moment the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's voice had fallen, to repeat the Palace Lord's disjointed words once more in a loud voice.

    [Kid, I would like to see how you can escape this time! ?]
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