Chapter 1803: “Radical Turn of Events (1)”

    Chapter 1803: "Radical Turn of Events (1)"

    "No need for so much trouble." All of a sudden, a low and deep voice rang out within the sleeping chambers.

    In the instant that Elder Yue heard that voice, he was slightly taken aback as a feeling of ominous premonition shrouded over his heart.

    At the moment that Elder Ying's voice fell, he stepped into the sleeping chambers.

    Once Elder Yue saw Elder Ying, his face darkened in gloom.

    "My Lord." Elder Ying knelt down on one knee within the sleeping chambers.

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord's face was dark as he stared at Elder Ying kneeling before him and said in an unfriendly tone: "Elder Ying, you came at just the right time. There is a matter I need you to answer to me for!"

    Elder Ying knelt upon the floor without moving in the slightest as he said respectfully: "I await for my Lord to enlighten me."

    "Cough cough..... Regarding the matter that Chang Huan injured the palace's disciples, I had taken into account that he was very young and misjudged his strength when he struck. Which was why I spared him from heavy punishment and merely sent him into the dungeon to reflect on his actions. But how long has it only been? He had not even been able to hold his patience and broke out of the dungeon on his own accord! Elder Ying, is this the kind of disciple you are bringing up? That does not think anything of the words I have said! ?" The Shadow Moon Palace Lord was really infuriated as he then swept his hand against the medicine bowl place on a stool by the bed to send it hurtling towards Elder Ying.

    Elder Ying did not even flinch as the bowl crashed heavily onto the floor about half a meter in front of him, shattering immediately as the crash resounded crisply within the chambers.

    "My Lord, appease your anger." Elder Ying said with a low voice in persuasion.

    "Appease my anger? How can I not be angry? Is it that all of you are seeing that my health is not like before and all of you think nothing of me now?" The Shadow Moon Palace Lord roared out the fear lodged within his heart, a roar that made all the other Elders in the sleeping chambers to immediately fall to their knees in fright.

    A whole bunch of them silent as cicadas in winter, trembling slightly.

    "My Lord, it was thoughtless of Chang Huan in this matter, and I beg for my Lord to quell your anger. Chang Huan is young and ignorant and when this old man received news that my Lord had taken ill, I heard about it in the dungeon. This old man was reprimanding Chang Huan at that moment and the report was heard by the child. Initially, this old man had not paid it much attention, never thinking that Chang Huan would suddenly break out from the dungeon and plead with this old man to bring him here to see my Lord..... This old man deeply felt that it would not be appropriate as my Lord is currently recuperating and was afraid that he would disturb my Lord's rest before deciding to imprison him in this old man's courtyard." Elder Ying said unhurriedly, every single word clearly articulated. Although his words sounded filled with reprimand, but when it reached the ears of others, the flavour of it changed somewhat.

    "You are saying that the reason Chang Huan had escaped from the dungeon was because..... he wanted to see me?" The Shadow Moon Palace Lord asked, in slight surprise. This result had shocked him quite a bit and the rage he had been feeling was gradually being eroded by the reason for "Chang Huan's" escape from prison.

    If Chang Huan had escaped because he had been indignant with the judgement made against him, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord would naturally be highly infuriated. But if it was because the kid had heard that he had taken ill and was overtaken with anxiety, then..... the meaning had become completely different!

    Which Palace Lord wouldn't want their position to be unparalleled in the hearts of their own disciples?

    The moment Elder Yue saw the expression of the Shadow Moon Palace Lord softening, his heart immediately quaked with a thump and he quickly took a step forward to say: "Elder Ying, I know you indulge and dote on Chang Huan highly, but you cannot possibly come up with such a laughable story to exonerate him in this matter. The reason why he broke out of jail yesterday, is a point that besides he himself, something that no one else would know about. Moreover..... when the Lord feels unwell, although it is reasonable that he feels anxious, but having him escaping out of there so audaciously, what could he do that would help? It doesn't sound all that reasonable, or does it?"
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