Chapter 1804: “Radical Turn of Events (2)”

    Chapter 1804: "Radical Turn of Events (2)"

    Elder Yue's words were reasonable as well and the Shadow Moon Palace Lord wasn't about to just take Elder Ying's words for it. Now that Elder Yue had spoken the doubt he held in his heart, he would naturally just maintain his silence and wait for Elder Ying to explain.

    For a disciple so young to be so anxious about the Palace Lord's illness, if it was not for any specific reason, then it wouldn't sound all that convincing.

    Elder Ying let out a light sigh and said: "Just what exactly occured in this matter, I think if I am the one saying it, my Lord would not really believe me. Why don't I let Chang Huan speak for himself instead."

    "Oh?" The Shadow Moon Palace Lord arched up an eyebrow.

    "My Lord, Chang Huan is now kneeling outside the bed chambers. With my Lord's permission, he would immediately come in to seek forgiveness himself." Elder Ying said.

    At the side, Elder Yue's eyes narrowed up, unable to fathom what Elder Ying and Jun Wu Xie had hidden up their sleeves. With the matter today, if it could not be perfectly resolved, he would not ever let it go. No matter how hard Elder Ying twisted his words, he would never let Jun Wu Xie live!

    "Let him come in." The Shadow Moon Palace Lord agreed to it after thinking it through for awhile. He knew very well the kind of person that Elder Ying was, and it could be said that he was one of the rare honest people in the Shadow Moon Palace. Though there were times his words grated on the ears quite a bit, he was at least perceived to be fair and impartial, never siding with people in discrimination.

    "Chang Huan, aren't you going to come in! ?" Elder Ying said with a low holler.

    A thin figure came walking slowly in from outside the doors and Elder Yue's eyes were fixed upon the person approaching, hating that his gaze could not transform into sharp blades, to slice of a layer of skin.

    "Disciple Chang Huan pays respects to my Lord." Jun Wu Xie walked slowly into the bed chambers, and then greeted the Shadow Moon Palace Lord calmly.

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord silently measured the youth. Before Jun Wu Xie revealed her Purple Spirit powers, he had not even noticed that there was such a disciple in the palace. Judging based on looks and gift, "Chang Huan" was so much more inferior compared to Yue Yi that he had not been able to attract the Palace Lord's attraction at all.

    But measuring him up carefully now, it could now be seen that this youth was much more petite in size than people of the same age, and if they did not know that the youth before their eyes possessed the powers of a Purple Spirit, it was thought no one would pay much attention to the kid's existence at all.

    "Earlier when you just returned back to the palace, you stirred up some trouble and I punished you to reflect on yourself in the dungeon. Why did you defy the order?" The Shadow Moon Palace Lord words were admonishing, but his demeanor was not too harsh.

    Before he got a clear picture of the matter, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord did not want to play the villain.

    "Reporting to my Lord, your disciple had no choice but to escape from the dungeon. Because only by doing that, would your disciple be able to present the item to my Lord." Jun Wu Xie's eyes were lowered, not looking at the Shadow Moon Palace Lord at all, but just stared at the floor as she spoke.

    "Oh? What is it that you want to present to me?" This is rather interesting. The Shadow Moon Palace Lord did not feel that a disciple of the Shadow Moon Palace could possibly give him anything all that great.

    Elder Yue standing at the side could not help himself but spoke up: "Chang Huan, the matter with you having broken out from the dungeon of your own accord cannot possibly be smoothed over with just a few words from you. If you are not able to give an acceptable reason for your actions today, then the Shadow Moon Palace would no longer have a place for you to continue to remain in.

    "Your disciple believes that this item is sufficient enough to appease my Lord's anger." Jun Wu Xie said, without giving Elder Yue a single glance, but just went on to pull out a palm sized porcelain bottle.

    "What is that?" The Shadow Moon Palace Lord asked a little doubtfully.

    Jun Wu Xie replied: "This here is called the Melted Snow Elixir. It's something that your disciple cultivated with what I managed to learn from a prescription handed down through the generations of the Zhan Family Clan."
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