Chapter 1805: “Radical Turn of Events (3)”

    Chapter 1805: "Radical Turn of Events (3)"

    "Melted Snow Elixir? What is this?" The Shadow Moon Palace Lord's eyes turned slightly serious. The kind of things the Zhan Family Clan had accumulated was always of great interest to him and although Elder Ying had already offered up quite a number of them, but he still knew that Elder Ying still hid many more treasures in hand. And those things were what the Shadow Moon Palace Lord cared about most.

    Jun Wu Xie then said: "The Melted Snow Elixir improves the blood's Qi and revitalises the meridians, which is best for reinvigorating a person's bodily health. Your disciple has long heard that my Lord was feeling unwell and I specially asked Elder Ying for this prescription. But as there were some herbs that were hard to get within the prescription, I had not been able to successfully cultivate it all this time. Fortunately when I was on my way to the Pure Grace Palace, I discovered the few types of herbs that were lacking and I have just managed to successfully cultivate it. I heard last night that my Lord had taken ill and your disciple had in a moment of anxiety impetuously escaped from the dungeon because I wanted to present the Melted Snow Elixir to my Lord, and I beg my Lord for atonement of my crime."

    Jun Wu Xie's voice was neither hot nor cold, every single word spoken crisply clear. By the time she finished her sentence, the atmosphere in the entire hall had completely changed.

    The anger on the Shadow Moon Palace Lord had already quietly faded away without leaving a single trace, replaced by a look of surprise.

    Jun Wu Xie's words caused everyone that was present to become frozen in surprise as they had all thought that Jun Wu Xie had escaped from the dungeon because she refused to submit to discipline, and Elder Ying's words earlier had only been an excuse that he made up, where even if there was anything really presented, it would merely be doing it for show. But looking at what Jun Wu Xie had presented up now, it was actually from one of the Zhan Family Clan's ancient secret prescription, which was even aimed to directly treating the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's illness!

    With this, Jun Wu Xie's escape from the dungeon yesterday had become highly understandable and reasonable.

    Elder Yue stared slightly dazedly at Jun Wu Xie. Beat him to death and he would not have thought that Jun Wu Xie would be able to use something like this to cover over the situation. He couldn't make himself believe that Jun Wu Xie would really be able to find such a perfect excuse.

    "What Melted Snow Elixir? Why have I never heard of it before? Whether such a thing is even effective is one thing, but how can we carelessly let the Palace Lord take this thing we know nothing about? This is such a joke!" Elder Yue said contemptuously, snorting with utter derision.

    Towards Elder Yue's questioning, Jun Wu Xie had been prepared for it. She lifted her eyes slightly and asked Elder Yue: "I have only managed to cultivate one pill of the Melted Snow Elixir and if you are doubtful, are you thinking to have someone else try it first? And if it works, Elder Yue can then have a second pill cultivated?"

    A corner of Elder Yue's mouth twitched slightly. "And if it causes harm to my Lord, who will then be responsible?"

    Jun Wu Xie replied: "I can vouch for it with my life, that if there are any side effects after my Lord takes it, even to the extent that if it does not help my Lord's illness in any way, this life of mine would be discarded here today, to be dealt with in anyway Elder Yue deems fit."

    Jun Wu Xie's words were powerful and resonating, using her own life as guarantee. To the extent that even if Melted Snow Elixir had no effect on the Shadow Moon Palace, it would still be death for her. Those words were spoken with absolute conviction with no other way out.

    And those very words stumped Elder Yue completely, turning mute with nothing he could say. He would never have expected that Jun Wu Xie would be so extreme to gamble on this with her own life.

    "I can also vouch for Chang Huan as well. This prescription is from the Zhan Family and if the medicine is ineffective, I am willing to take responsibility for the consequences." Elder Ying stood forward at that moment, to shoulder the risk together with Jun Wu Xie.

    If it was said that Jun Wu Xie's word alone still did not carry enough weight, then with Elder Ying's added on to it, no one present there would dare to question another word about it!
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