Chapter 1806: “Radical Turn of Events (4)”

    Chapter 1806: "Radical Turn of Events (4)"

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord looked at Jun Wu Xie and Elder Ying through narrowed eyes. Although the origin and the said effects of the Melted Snow Elixir was highly tempting, it could not be denied that he still held a certain level of suspicion about it. But now that even Elder Ying had stood forward, and was using his own life to vouch for it, the degree of credibility had increased by quite a bit.

    Suddenly, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord laughed out loudly.

    "There is no need for Elder Ying to do this. I would naturally trust you completely. Chang Huan, bring me the Melted Snow Elixir."

    "My Lord! You must not take the medicine so casually!" Elder Yue exclaimed as his heart silently screamed in dismay. Even though he did not believe that there would be any medicine that would be able to effectively treat the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's illness as countless physicians had already treated it for so long without being able to come up with any accurate diagnosis afterall, but to prevent any unexpected accidents, he would still stop them in any way he could.

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord however waved his hand dismissively and said: "Elder Yue need not be so anxious. I can trust Elder Ying."

    Elder Yue was driven into a complete loss for words by that statement from the Shadow Moon Palace Lord, and could only watch wide eyed as Jun Wu Xie held the medicine bottle as she went walking over to stand before the Shadow Moon Palace Lord, his fists clenched up so tightly his knuckles crackled, wishing for nothing more than to be able to rush forward to smash that bottle to smithereens!

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord took the medicine bottle from Jun Wu Xie's hands and he raised his eyes to look at Jun Wu Xie, his gaze seemingly searching and probing.

    "Chang Huan, I had not known that you are actually able to cultivate medicine!" The Shadow Moon Palace Lord said, an eyebrow raised up slightly. Although he was not too familiar with Chang Huan, but he had never heard that Chang Huan was able to cultivate medicine.

    Jun Wu Xie was unaffected as she replied: "With the large number of physicians in the palace, there was never ever a need for your disciple at all."

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord laughed lightly and recalling that Chang Huan had even hid his Purple Spirit powers from everyone, it wasn't all that strange that he would also not show that he possessed the ability to cultivate medicine.

    "I trust Elder Ying, and I trust you too. I hope you will not disappoint me." The Shadow Moon Palace Lord said it in a highly gentle tone. He opened the cap on the bottle and one single pill of the Melted Snow Elixir fell into the palm of his hand.

    At the moment that the elixir was exposed, the entire room was filled with a faint fragrance. The fragrance was extremely gentle but the scent could not be ignored as just the slightest whiff of it cleared up the groggy minds of everyone there who had stayed awake throughout the entire night.

    Even the Shadow Moon Palace Lord had felt that subtle change as the dull ache in his head was gradually being alleviated by the fragrant scent, becoming a lot less intense.

    Such a amazing effect greatly startled everyone.

    Although they had all thought that Elder Ying and Jun Wu Xie were highly credible and were to be believed, but none of them had ever thought that the medicine's effect would be so obvious, where even smelling its scent would clear up their groggy and slightly hazy minds.

    And that was just from the scent it gave out. If that was swallowed.....

    At that moment, everyone who had been suspicious of the Melted Snow Elixir suddenly felt all their doubts melt away.

    Elder Yue's face immediately turned a steely green.

    The Shadow Moon Palace looked like he almost could not wait to swallow the elixir down into belly and at the same moment that he swallowed it, he felt a tinge of refreshing cool accompanying the Melted Snow Elixir going down his throat from his mouth, spreading out to fill his body, instantly wiping away all traces of weariness and exhaustion completely!

    Such lightning quick effect from the medicine, caused the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's eyes to unconsciously widen. He held his hands over his chest, to feel that refreshing cool spreading all over his body, like he was soaked within spring water, the weariness seeping out of him, becoming more relaxed little by little.
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