Chapter 1807: “Radical Turn of Events (5)”

    Chapter 1807: "Radical Turn of Events (5)"

    "The medicine....." The Shadow Moon Palace Lord's voice was tinged with a slight tremor. He raised his eyes up in surprise as he looked at Jun Wu Xie standing before him.

    There was no need for the Shadow Moon Palace Lord to say rest of the words. Just from the colour on his face was enough for everyone to see that change that had come over him.

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord's initially pale and white face had immediately taken a rosy tinge and he no longer gave people the feeling of being sickly and frail, but was no different from any normal person.

    "Chang Huan! You're truly a treasure!" The Shadow Moon Palace Lord couldn't feel any clearer the change that was coming over his body. The rejuvenation that spread throughout his body was something that he had not felt for a long time. Ever since his body had started feeling unwell, he had never feel as comfortable and as reinvigorated for the past few years. This feeling that he had not felt for so long, made him feel extraordinarily happy.

    Jun Wu Xie lowered her head indifferently and said in a calm tone: "That I could be of help to my Lord, is your disciple's honour."

    "Hahaha! That's great, kid! I'm glad for your concern." The Shadow Moon Palace Lord was in great spirits, and the smile on his face shone unbridled.

    The various Elders at the side silently heaved sighs of relief inwardly and the few of them who were friendly to Elder Ying quickly threw congratulatory glances his way.

    Jun Wu Xie's powers had already earned the admiration of the Shadow Moon Palace Lord and now that the presentation of the medicine showed such exemplary effects, it would seem that no one would be able to surpass Jun Wu Xie's position among the younger generation of the Shadow Moon Palace's disciples!

    Elder Ying's face merely showed a gentle smile, and not the slightest sliver of arrogance or pride.

    On the other hand, Elder Yue's face was as dark as the bottom of a pot and he was grinding his teeth so hard that his teeth were almost going to break.

    Even if you beat him to death, he would never have expected that things would turn out to become like this.

    From being a piece of trash that no one thought anything of, to suddenly shot to the top to shine with such brilliance. Not only did he surpass Yue Yi by a stretch in spirit powers, he had even presented the Shadow Moon Palace Lord with a most desirable elixir. Such a complete turn in fortune, almost caused Elder Yue to vomit out a mouthful of blood!

    He had thought that he would be able to press on with the fact that Jun Wu Xie had broken out from imprisonment and send her straight down into the eighteenth level of Hell. Never had he expected that one Melted Snow Elixir would become the sharpest weapon to decimate his entire plan.

    With that Melted Snow Elixir, Jun Wu Xie had not only come out completely unscathed with her escape from prison, but had even made the Shadow Moon Palace Lord felt that Jun Wu Xie was absolutely loyal, and had defied orders only because he wanted to present up the medicine.

    Jun Wu Xie had won every advantage there was to gain here and all the bellyful of disparaging words that Elder Yue held prepared were now disarmed and of no use. The strong aggrievement he held bottled in almost suffocated him.

    "Congratulations to my Lord!" Elder Ying bent his back slightly with his hand clasped over his fist and said. "For my Lord to be able to regain his health, it is the greatest fortune to the Shadow Moon Palace."

    "Congratulations to my Lord." The entire bunch of Elders quickly chorused in agreement.

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord was in a great mood and he was absolutely beaming with smiles.

    "Today, it is all due to Chang Huan's thoughtfulness." Speaking of that, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord turned to look smilingly at Chang Huan and said: "Chang Huan, you joined the Shadow Moon Palace from a young age and has been with our palace for a rather long time. For so many years, you have stayed at Elder Ying's side and you have learnt quite a few things. You must now start to learn more about the affairs within the palace in future as I am looking forward to seeing you grow in the days ahead."

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord had said it casually but as long as one wasn't an idiot, anyone would realize the Palace Lord's intention of putting him in an important position.

    From learning from Elder Ying to learning from within the palace. That was obviously already opening up a wide path within the Shadow Moon Palace for him, and it would only be a matter of time that he would soar to great heights.

    "Your disciple shall obey." Jun Wu Xie answered humbly.
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