Chapter 1808: “Radical Turn of Events (6)”

    Chapter 1808: "Radical Turn of Events (6)"

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord personally spoke out in praise for Jun Wu Xie and that was clearly seen by all the Elders in the palace. Everyone knew that Jun Wu Xie would surely be the youth that would be most watched within the Shadow Moon Palace henceforth and quite a number of them secretly envied Elder Ying for his great luck. They had thought that Elder Ying must have gravely misjudged when he took such great care of a useless piece of trash but from the way things looked now, Elder Ying was actually the smartest one among them, that he could see with just one glance Jun Wu Xie's potential and had patiently guided and taught the kid till the kid was now just beginning to show initial brilliance. And that first reveal of talents had already completely surpassed all the other youths of the Shadow Moon Palace entirely in an instant!

    "Alright, it has been tiring for everyone yesterday and all of you should go get some rest." The Shadow Moon Palace Lord said with a smile.

    Everyone then started to leave one by one.

    Jun Wu Xie walked out of the bed chambers together with Elder Ying where they bumped into a dark faced Elder Yue outside.

    "Hmph." A corner of Elder Yue's mouth twitched as he stared at Jun Wu Xie standing beside Elder Ying, the anger in his heart almost driving him to vomit out blood.

    [Just how resilient is this kid's destiny fated to be! ?]

    [Poison had failed and he had remained safe and sound.]

    [Assassins have been sent out and he had miraculously avoided them.]

    [It had been clear to him that he should have been able to bring death upon the kid this time but in the end, he had turned the tables right around and gained himself such great benefit.]

    Ever since Elder Yue came to the Shadow Moon Palace, he had never been met with such anything that made him feel like vomiting blood so much and there hadn't been anyone whom he found more difficult to deal with.

    What made it even worse for him was that Jun Wu Xie not only had Elder Ying shielding and protecting her, but had now made the Shadow Moon Palace Lord have a renewed impression of her. To want to get rid of Jun Wu Xie, it had now become increasingly difficult.

    "Is Elder Yue feeling unwell? Do you need this disciple to cultivate an elixir for you?" Jun Wu Xie asked with her eyebrow arched up, as she stared at the highly infuriated Elder Yue, speaking in a tone that didn't care whether she would drive Elder Yue to his death in anger.

    Elder Yue's blood surged up into the back of his throat, as he gritted his teeth to glare at Jun Wu Xie.

    "Chang Huan, since the Lord places such high value on you, you must work harder on your cultivation from now on. Do not disappoint the Lord expectations of you." He clearly hated the kid so much that he wished he could tear him to shreds but Elder Yue had no choice but to say these words that went against what he felt in his heart.

    "Thank you Elder Yue for your reminder. This disciple shall make sure I do not disappoint the favour my Lord has shown now." Jun Wu Xie said without fear.

    Elder Yue looked at Jun Wu Xie with a smile that did not reach his eyes and when he was almost being driven to the verge of death from anger towards Jun Wu Xie, Elder Yue quickly left from the place with a flick of his sleeves.

    Seeing Elder Yue's highly aggrieved back, a cold smile rose at the corners of Elder Ying's mouth.

    "I'm afraid that he would never have expected throughout his entire life that he would be forced back into such a corner by such a young disciple."

    Elder Yue's status and position in the Shadow Moon Palace was unshakable and as long as he wanted to deal with a person, none could escape from it. Even Elder Ying had once fallen victim to Elder Yue's schemes where he was deceived to come here into the Shadow Moon Palace. If not for the fact that the Shadow Moon Palace Lord still coveted the undisclosed treasures of the Zhan Family Clan, Elder Yue might have already moved against him by now.

    But now, the wily and sly Elder Yue had tripped up before Jun Wu Xie, which just made Elder Ying unbelievably happy.

    "I particularly like people of his kind. The kind who want me dead but are just unable to defeat me at all." Jun Wu Xie said as the corners of her mouth arced up slightly.

    This is just the beginning, and there's more to come in the days ahead. It was wished that Elder Yue's body would be able to withstand it and not be infuriated to death.

    "You, kid, are really arrogant." Elder Ying said as he looked at Jun Wu Xie who was brimming with confidence, and then laughed aloud. "But I just love that arrogance in you."
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