Chapter 1809: “Radical Turn of Events (7)”

    Chapter 1809: "Radical Turn of Events (7)"

    Jun Wu Xie arched her eyebrow up and the two of them went back to Elder Ying's room.

    After making sure that there was no one else around, Elder Ying finally heaved out a great sigh of relief and sat himself down on a chair as he looked thoughtfully at Jun Wu Xie.

    "What is that Melted Snow Elixir you had with you actually?" In reality, when he brought Jun Wu Xie to go to the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's bed chambers, Elder Ying had no idea of what Jun Wu Xie was intending to do, but had only brought her there as Jun Wu Xie had requested.

    As for that thing called the Melted Snow Elixir, Elder Ying never even heard of it before and it was even more impossible that it could have been something the Zhan Family Clan had possessed.

    "You knew nothing about it and you dared to trust me?" Jun Wu Xie sat down on a chair, and crossed her legs as she looked at Elder Ying, completely calm and unruffled.

    Everything that she had done at the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's bed chambers today, had never been discussed with Elder Ying before. She had intended to shoulder it all herself, and she had not expected that Elder Ying would step forward to vouch for her at the most critical juncture.

    He didn't show any fear that any mishap might happen to him.

    "What's not to trust? You had dared to gamble on it with your life and I would naturally have nothing to fear accompanying you in that bet." Elder Ying said with a laugh.

    Jun Wu Xie then said: "That Melted Snow Elixir is merely a kind of medicine that neutralizes poison."

    "You already knew what kind of a poison the Palace Lord was afflicted with?" Elder Ying asked as he looked at Jun Wu Xie in shock.

    Jun Wu Xie shook her head. "I did not know. But that elixir is able to at least give an alleviating effect on any kind of toxins and even if it could not eradicate it completely, it would still produce a certain level of effect."

    And what she wanted, was just that little bit of effect.

    "You are brazenly bold." Elder Ying had to give it to Jun Wu Xie. In a situation where she did not know what kind of a poison the Shadow Moon Palace Lord was afflicted with, she had so adaciously dared to take such a gamble, that was a truly thrilling play she made.

    Jun Wu Xie shrugged her shoulders and did not say anything.

    In truth, she had dared to take such a risky gamble purely because of her confidence in her skills in Medicine.

    "But, didn't you claim that you wanted to destroy the Shadow Moon Palace? So why have you suddenly come out to neutralize the Palace Lord's poison? Isn't that going in the opposite direction of your plans?" Elder Ying asked, feeling rather curious. Logically, if one wanted to destroy the Shadow Moon Palace, the fastest way would be to let the Palace Lord die, and in that situation where a dragon was without its head, the Shadow Moon Palace would turn highly chaotic, which would be the easiest time for it to be destroyed.

    Jun Wu Xie then said: "I want to force the person who set the poison to show up."

    If the Shadow Moon Palace died, it might throw the Shadow Moon Palace into chaos, but with so many Elders holding the fort, the chaos might not hold out for too long. Moreover, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord had a heir, though still very young. But with the support of so many Elders, he would be able to temporarily assume the position of the Palace Lord and with just certain period of coaching, he would then become the new Palace Lord to step up and stabilize the unrest in the Shadow Moon Palace.

    And that was not the result Jun Wu Xie seeked.

    "The person who set the poison?" Elder Ying asked with an eyebrow arched up.

    "Since that person was still able to strike under the tight guard the Shadow Moon Palace Lord put around him, then there's no doubt on that person's ability. And as we share the same objective, wanting to completely destroy the Shadow Moon Palace, the fastest way to do it will be to rope that person in with us." Jun Wu Xie said calmly, a perfect plan already formed in her heart. As for how she was going to proceed, she would only need to force that person to come out.

    Elder Ying stared at Jun Wu Xie, only somewhat understanding what was said, but suddenly feeling that the youth before his eyes was much more complicated that he had predicted. He had already experienced so much in life, but he was still not able to see through the thoughts of this youth, which was truly terrifying for him!

    "Rest assured. The incident with the Melted Snow Elixir will spread throughout the palace very quickly. That person will not be able to hold back for long." Jun Wu Xie said with her chin propped up in the palm of one hand, calm and confident.
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