Chapter 1810: “Instigated (1)”

    Chapter 1810: "Instigated (1)"

    Elder Yue came stomping back to his room in a rage. When the servants in the courtyard saw Elder Yue's face, all of them were immediately careful to not dare to open their mouths.

    "Go! Go ask Yue Ye to come over here!" Elder Yue said to a servant.

    The servant immediately made his way towards Yue Ye's little courtyard and not long after, Yue Ye was called in to come into Elder Yue's room.

    Yue Ye stood timidly inside, her eyes filled with a trace of fear.

    "Little Ye." Elder Yue called in a deep voice.

    "Grandfather....." Yue Ye answered and trembled slightly.

    In front of Yue Yi, Elder Yue and Yue Ye were as amiable as a real pair of grandparent and grandchild. But when Yue Yi was not around, the fear Yue Ye felt towards Elder Yue could not be suppressed no matter how she tried.

    When Elder Yue saw Yue Ye looking so timid and fearful, a sliver of impatience rose in his heart, and his already unhappy mood became more depressed.

    "The Palace Lord's health had shown some improvement these few days, so go keep him company a little more. Do you understand?"

    Yue Ye was slightly startled as she lifted up her head warily, and looked at Elder Yue with nervousness in her eyes. "The Lord..... Hasn't the Lord suffered a relapse?"

    Elder Yue then snorted in disdain and said: "His illness had indeed relapsed. But that Chang Huan brought out some kind of elixir from Heavens know where and the Lord is feeling much better after swallowing that pill. Because of the medicine he presented up, the Palace Lord is now seeing Chang Huan in a renewed light."

    When he thought about that, Elder Yue's anger rose up immediately. He lifted his eyes up and looked at that thin and frail figure, his gaze sweeping over that pale face.

    "Yue Ye. Chang Huan is Elder Ying's disciple and Elder Ying has been dead set against me for very long. Yue Yi is my grandson and I have been trying very hard to fight for a better future for him. But now, this Chang Huan had suddenly leapt into the picture out of the blue and Chang Huan is not on good terms with your brother. Added to that, with the prejudice Elder Ying feels against me, if Chang Huan manages to win out in the Palace Lord's eyes, he will surely try to oppress and bring down your elder brother mercilessly. Little Ye..... You're already grown up, and have become very sensible. The Palace Lord likes you so much, you should help your elder brother a little. You wouldn't want your elder brother to lose his standing within the Shadow Moon Palace would you?" Elder Yue said in a deep and heavy tone.

    Yue Ye stiffened up completely when she heard that and she hesitated a moment before she shook her head belatedly.

    Elder Yue smiled in satisfaction. He then waved his hand and Yue Ye went walking over stiffly.

    Elder Yue smiled and held Yue Ye's tiny hands, kneading them within his big and coarse palms.

    "Little Ye has indeed grown to become so sensible. The Palace Lord loves you and you do not need to be afraid of him. Serve the Palace Lord well and give your elder brother a lift."

    "Little Ye understands....." Yue Ye lowered her head, and bit on her lip.

    "That Chang Huan is not a good person. Do you still remember the incident that he stirred up on the day that he just came back? I had gone to ask those youths who got into an argument with Chang Huan at that time. That day, Chang Huan was actually intending to go into your courtyard and commit reprehensible deeds but was coincidentally discovered by the other disciples. In their attempt to stop him, they had then gotten into a fight. Little Ye is almost growing up to become a fine lady and you must be careful towards despicable and shameless cads like Chang Huan. Although he has Elder Ying behind him now, but if the Palace Lord comes to know that that kid harbours improper intentions towards you, I believe the Palace Lord will surely deal with it for you." Elder Yue said suggestively.

    Yue Ye's face turned even more pale. She looked at Elder Yue, wanting to say something. But Elder Yue's hand that was clasped over hers suddenly tightened its grip and pain shot through her hand. Her lip trembled uncontrollably and was finally unable to say anything but just nodded her head stiffly with tears brimming in her eyes.

    "Little Ye is such a good girl." Elder Yue said with a smile.
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