Chapter 1811: “Instigated (2)”

    Chapter 1811: "Instigated (2)"

    The news that the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's illness was alleviated by Jun Wu Xie's Melted Snow Elixir quickly spread and bubbled to a boil within the Shadow Moon Palace. All the youths who saw Jun Wu Xie adversely and wanted to find trouble with her suddenly stopped. No one dared to directly go against Jun Wu Xie at that moment.

    Who didn't know at that time, that Jun Wu Xie was the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's most highly favoured person and for anyone who went against Jun Wu Xie at this moment, everyone knew that the unfortunate one in the end would surely be themselves without even having to give it a thought.

    To the extent that those youths who previously had a bone to pick with "Chang Huan" would now nod their heads and bend their back whenever they saw Jun Wu Xie, wishing that they could just pounce over to latch themselves onto that prized thigh.

    For the next few days, Jun Wu Xie was able to enjoy great peace, like everything had settled nicely into place for her.

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord's health improved and he gradually took over the handling of the palace affairs from big to small and Elder Ying's and Elder Yue's authourity in certain areas were weakened to a certain extent.

    Jun Wu Xie usually did not have much to do on most days but just familiarized herself with things within the Shadow Moon Palace under Elder Ying's guidance, never having much of an interaction with the disciples in the palace.

    That day, Jun Wu Xie sat by herself within a small courtyard, looking at the foliage within the yard as she sipped upon clear tea.

    "Chang Huan..... Senior." Suddenly, a timid voice sounded from outside the yard.

    Jun Wu Xie lifted her head and saw a familiar figure standing nervously outside the door.

    "You need something?" Jun Wu Xie put down the cup she held in her hand, to look at Yue Ye who had suddenly appeared outside her courtyard.

    She had only met Yue Ye once, but that had left a deep impression on her.

    Looking at that countenance that was highly similar to Yue Yi's, it was not known what Jun Wu Xie was thinking in her mind.

    "Can..... Can I come in?" Yue Ye asked, her lips stiffening slightly as she looked at Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded.

    Yue Ye then came walking in. She was dressed in a light blue skirt and blouse with a plain and simple hairpin adorning her head, her still young and tender face filled with nervousness. She sat down looking rather ill at ease upon a stone stool beside Jun Wu Xie, her tiny hands pulling and twisting her clothes as she kept her head lowered, not daring to look at Jun Wu Xie at all.

    "Senior Chang Huan..... When..... when you went to the Pure Grace Palace with my brother, what really happened to my elder brother? Why isn't he getting better after so long?" Yue Ye remained silent for a long while, before she summoned enough courage to raise her head to look at Jun Wu Xie, her eyes filled with worry for Yue Yi.

    In truth, Yue Yi's injuries had completely healed but as Jun Wu Xie gave him some kind of medicine, it made him appear to be weak and frail.

    Jun Wu Xie poured out a cup of tea for Yue Ye and then said: "I do not know. When we were at the Pure Grace Palace, your brother and I were not often together."

    "Is..... Is that so....." Yue Ye's voice became even softer, pricked by Jun Wu Xie's cold chill.

    "If you are worried, why do you not go ask him directly?" Jun Wu Xie asked as she looked at Yue Ye.

    Yue Ye was startled and the hand clasped around the teacup trembled. The tea in her hand suddenly splashed towards Jun Wu Xie's clothes and Jun Wu Xie immediately dodged, where not a single drop of the tea fell upon her.

    Jun Wu Xie had moved very quickly, so fast that Yue Ye had not been able to react at all. Her trembling hand gripped the teacup tightly, her eyes filled with surprise.

    "I..... I did not..... mean it..... Sorry..... I was only..... Big Brother doesn't want me to know..... Even if I were to go ask him..... He wouldn't tell me the truth....." Yue Ye lowered her head, his voice tinged with dismay and nervousness.
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